Tesco in Meads

After years of fighting against Tesco moving into our village, we lost the fight earlier this year. They plan to move in before 2010. Our lovely community based on individual retailers (we have a butcher, a greengrocers, a co-op, a florist, a bookshop) will be threatened. Some of my friends who shopped at Tesco before are so disgusted by what they have done that they have boycotted the store. I have never been in, and never intend to. Their record on animal welfare and other serious issues is not good. Trying to fight against these huge companies is like david and goliath. Sometimes people win, and sometimes sadly as we have done, we lose. There is a sense of being powerless and many of the decisions have been made years before people in the community get to hear about it. Do you want one in every three of your pounds going to Tesco? I get a sense of satisfaction when I’ve shopped locally – I can see who my money is going to pretty much infront of me – how great is that!!

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