The continued myth about dieting

I have weeks were I seem to get more clients with one particular problem. Last year it was gout! and bowel problems everywhere I turned! These last few months I’m back on the trail of people wanting to lose weight. Weight loss is not my biggest crowd believe it or not but in they came recently. I am still amazed at how many people are yo yo dieting, drinking shakes and actually still believe in the word “diet”.

Let’s all do something positive and ditch the word “diet” when used in terms of weight loss. It doesnt get anyone anywhere.

Weight loss comes about my looking into an individuals medical history and particular traits, needs etc. No two people will lose weight the same. Some are fast metabolisers, some are not. Let’s also remember “its not how much you eat, its WHAT you are eating” that is so important and people are still missing this crucial point.

On average people who see me lose about 4-6lbs a month continually without ever having to diet- in fact I think its a psychological necessity to send people home thinking they are NOT dieting at all. Just eating… good food… little and often… cutting out certain things that are not suitable for the individual.

Telling people to exercise more and eat less is way to simple. It doesnt always work like that – for example supposing someone has a food allergy or an underactive thyroid, they could diet for months and still not lose weight – the fundementals have to be in place beforehand.

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