Flu ridden

I’m writing this blog from my sick bed. I have swine flu. I’ve been well all year but the mad socialising I’ve done in the last few weeks had left me tired and then….. bang… down I went -between 2 and 4pm on sunday i went from well to really sick, really fast.

I have to tell you its really really awful – at least it is for me, pounding headache and pains so bad in your body you dont want to live, vomiting and high fever. Yesterday afternoon i thought i was dying and called the doctor who reluctantly came out and gloved up. She told me if my temperature went any higher I’d be admitted to hospital. I have to say being on my own i got scared. Last night i found myself on the bathroom floor vomiting and sleeping in turn. I heard strange animal sounds and to my horror realised they were coming from me. When you’re too ill to look after yourself you need someone to tell you what to do. I texted a girlfriend and she said get in a cold bath – which I did. I think this bought my temperature down quite a bit. I’ve lost a stone in two days which is quite worrying.

I’ve been told to stay off work for five days, which for the first time I will do. Despite all this, I’m in bed this morning, my temperature is normal. I feel shattered and exhausted like a tsunami has powered through my body, but I seem to be on the mend. Luckily my immune system seems to be fighting it off, and no I didnt take tamiflu nor would i have had the vaccine.

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