River Cottage Everyday- Breakfast

What a joy to see Hugh back on our screens. When you think there is nothing more he can cover his Everyday – Breakfast was a joy to watch. The Better Breakfast campaign is such a great idea and it would be amazing if this could be rolled out throughout the UK. I’m forever banging my head on brick walls about the state of our British breakfasts – most of us sit down to a bowl of sugary cereal and a cup of tea. Cereals have completely taken over as a quick and easy choice to start the morning. However, they are full of sugar and most of you tell me you are starving mid morning again – not surprising. Start reading some of the ingredients of these so called healthy choices and you will be amazed at what is in them. The only “cereal” you need to be looking at is porridge, everything else… well in my mind you might as well cut the cardboard up and pour milk over it. Sugar and milk are not the best start to the day for adults or for children. It also resonates down into the workplace and the school room. Concentration levels need to be consistent all day and that means starting with a good breakfast. This doesn’t have to mean spending ages in the morning when we are all rushing and busy. A bowl of porridge takes 5 minutes. If your cupboards are full of sugary cereal perhaps take a look at other quick options and let’s get back to proper breakfasts!

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