MMR jab – choice or emotional blackmail for families?

I’m sitting here thinking – do I want to get involved in this debate on my blog – but actually I think I do as I feel so strongly about it.

No matter what my own personal beliefs are about triple vaccinations the government advisors seem to have got it badly wrong again. You cannot emotionally blackmail parents to force vaccinations on their children, or not allow them to be educated. This is the most ludicrous piece of rubbish I’ve heard this week (obviously there has been more than enough ludicrous nonsense in the past few weeks but that’s another matter!).

I was told by a mother recently when she asked her GP if she could give her child the MMR in three divided doses, rather than the one dose – that this was akin to child abuse! Isn’t that a little harsh? Parents have the best interests of their children at heart and need to make informed choices by themselves as to how they vaccinate their children. Most of my girlfriends have vaccinated their children, however they have done it privately at great expense and divided the doses of the jab so the child doesn’t get it all at once – this seems a fairly reasonable mid way ground to me.

I welcome your comments!!

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