Tailored Weight Loss Programmes

  • Are you confused about what to eat?
  • Have you a history of yo yo dieting?
  • Are you sick of being on a diet and yet not losing weight?
  • Why does your friend lose weight and yet you don’t?
  • Are you drowning in too much conflicting information?

Losing weight has to be tailored to the individual. We are all different and what works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. Over a two month period Kate will work closely with you on many different aspects of weight loss. This may include; your gut microbiome and how that impacts your weight, leptin and grehlin, digestive issues, hypothyroidism, genetics, hereditary illnesses, how food impacts mood, specific medication needs, work, stress, sleep and family issues. Kate feels it is an important factor in your weight loss goals to get every part of your health sorted as well. This will lead to better outcomes for a longer more sustainable healthy future. Kate’s Weight Loss Programme includes comprehensive nutrition education, an a tailored weight loss programme over a two month period. (This can be extended if needs be).

The Weight Loss programme includes an initial consultation of 75 mins, with two hours follow up support taken usually once a month including a GP letter if necessary. During this time Kate will be on hand to answer any questions or go food shopping with you if necessary. If you would like a quick chat to assess whether this is suitable for you please call Kate on 01323 310532 / 01323 737814.

“I’ve been working with Kate for nine months now and I’ve lost three stone, but it’s more than that. I know this time the weight will stay off. Kate has taught be so much about my body and diet, none of which anyone had covered before. I would thoroughly recommend this approach as a sensible way to keep the weight off for good” Libby, Horsham

Mental Health

  • Did you know that food choices can effect the way we feel mentally?
  • Are you aware that everything you eat and drink effects you mentally as well as physically?
  • Do you think you might have low blood sugar?
  • Do you crave sugar and caffeine?
  • Does your energy crash mid morning and mid afternoon?
  • Have you ever felt anxious for no reason?
  • Did you know your gut can be connected to your mood?

A one to one consultation with Kate will give you enormous insights into your your brain works and what if needs to stay balanced and healthy. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, manic depression, or any other mental health issues, what you eat may certainly be effecting your mental health. Kate also looks at the gut microbiome and its impact on mental health. Where possible Kate will work alongside your GP or Consultation to support you through the process of recovery. If you would like help with any mental health issues please contact Kate on 01323 310532/747814

“I never put two and two together, ie that what I was eating was contributing to my anxiety and depression. It’s been an eye opener! Thanks so much Kate for giving Polly back her mum, I was in such a fog, and feel so much more confident of my food choices and back in charge of my life” Lucinda T, Pevensey

“Kate seems to have helped my turned my mental health around so much that I’m actually dubious about the initial diagnosis. I had no idea I had so many physical issues that were wrong. Somehow these got lost as my diagnosis of severe depression overshadowed everything else. Healing my gut has been a big part of my recovery. Kate you are so great, many thanks” David, London


Early Cognitive Decline

There are approximately 850,000 people suffering from some kind of dementia in the UK. This looks sets to rise to over a million by 2025. About one in six people over 80 yrs have some sort of dementia and a shocking 40,000 under the age of 65 yrs old. Research is under funded and a diagnosis can lead to fairly bleak outcomes. Drugs available go some way to help but have not been the answer in most cases. Kate has devised a three month programme suitable to help combat symptoms and prevent cognitive decline from worsening. The programme does not look at dementia as one single disease, but takes a multifactorial approach.

Kate will look at various different aspects of patient health which may include;

  • How your diet can affect inflammation
  • The gut microbiota and its impact on brain function
  • Stress and its impact on cognition
  • Insulin resistance and its role in cognitive decline
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Plus… easy to follow diet and lifestyle changes

Working closely with the patients GP/Consultant Kate can ensure continuity of care at all times.

Due to the nature of cognitive decline Kate is happy to work with the patient on a one to one basis or with family and carers depending on each individual case. The three month programme will be structured around the patients needs and expectations for reasonable outcomes. For full details, costs and any questions please call Kate for a free 15 minute chat to assess suitability on 01323 310532 / 01323 737814.

Heart Health

  • Do you have a history of heart disease in your family?
  • Would you like to prevent heart disease?
  • Are you confused at what foods are good or bad for your heart?
  • Would you like to reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol naturally?

A staggering six million people in the UK are taking statins and eight and half million people have high blood pressure. A one to one consultation will Kate will teach you what cholesterol is, how good and bad cholesterol work, what are the real risk factors for cardiovascular health and learn how what you eat, can have a dramatic effect on reducing your risk markers. If you would like help with your blood pressure and cholesterol or any other heart matter – please call Kate on 01323 310532 / 01323 737814.

“I was hesitant about seeing a nutritionist as my cholesterol was 6.8 but was determined to try a diet and lifestyle change before going down the drug route. To my absolute delight, eight weeks in, my cholesterol was down to 4.4. I cannot tell you how amazed I (and my GP!) am. I feel a whole new lease of life and energy in my general health as well. Kate is brilliant!” John, Brighton

Menopause/Hormone issues

  • Have you been diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome ) or endometriosis?
  • Do you suffer from mood swings, water retention, cravings, breast tenderness?
  • Do you cry for no reason?
  • Can you get acne or spots?
  • Are you suffering with menopause symptoms? Hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, night sweats, dry eyes, anxiety, UTIs?

A one to one consultation with Kate will teach you how to balance your hormones as naturally as possible. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms much can be done with diet, and stabilising blood sugar to reduce symptoms. If you would like help with your hormonal problems call Kate on 01323 310532 / 01323 737814.

“Kate, I wanted to write to you to thank you for helping my wife. I don’t suspect you get many letters from men! Karen has really changed for the better, and every month I can see the woman I love more and more. We now realise how awful our diets were and how they were contributing to the problems we faced.” Peter S, Horsham

Fatigue Syndromes

  • Are you tired all the time (TATT)?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, ME and are not getting better?
  • Are you suffering with a whole host of unspecific symptoms: IBS, headaches, muscle aches, foggy head, fatigue, thrush, lethargy?

Fatigue syndromes are very commonplace in our stressful 21st century life. Over run with many symptoms it is often hard to get to the root cause within a short period of time with your GP. Kate’s one to one fatigue consultation last two hours, inc. a GP letter. This is a specialised area dealing with complex issues. You will learn why you became ill, what the causes are and above all how to get better. Please call Kate on 01323 310532 / 01323 737814 to discuss whether this consultation is suitable for your needs.

“My chronic fatigue was so bad that some days I couldn’t walk to the kitchen. I’m now working three days a week in the office and am enjoying a social life too. Basically, I owe Kate my life!” Gillian, Birmingham