Corporate Services

Kate has extensive experience working in the Corporate field. Her services include workshops, lectures, wellbeing days, menu planning and GP training. Prices and packages available on request. Please call me to discuss your individual requirements on 01323 310532/737814.


Ryan and Marc

Marcus Wareing programme

I was delighted to be a guest speaker @Compass Group UK & Ireland’s Forward with the Marcus Wareing programme.

The team of chefs had been challenged to prepare a meal around the subject of food for better mood and gut health. We covered a lot of topics encompassing all areas of how food impacts not only mental health but our gut health as well.

From the moment we are born our environment and lifestyle can have a huge impact on our health. This can include stress, antibiotics, genetics and our diet. The gut is like a second brain and needs to be fed well and there are foods that promote good gut health like pre and probiotics and foods that don’t like ultra-processed food.

The chefs couldn’t believe how many important neurotransmitters are actually made in the gut and how important the gut and the brain are when working together.

The gut also love diversity so as many plant based foods and different varieties of food the better. In the West we tend to eat the same foods over and over compared to some hunter gatherer tribes in Africa like the Hazda tribe who eat many more.

The challenge for the chefs was to incorporate foods with a variety of colour including polyphenols as well as hitting the target of foods that encourage the growth of good gut bugs.



Kate worked for Dulcolax for four years as their Nutrition Consultant on an award winning national campaign on constipation and raising awareness of bowel habits. This included a substantial campaign in local and national newspapers and magazines on gut health and featuring in a Dulcolax commercial.


Map My Gut

Kate was involved in the Map My Gut Project devised by Professor Tim Spector, Kings College London, assessing the diversity of the gut ecosystem using the latest sequencing technology.



Workshops and talks in and around East and West Sussex on how nutrition can affect mental and physical health. Wrote and developed The Food and Mood Handbook for East Sussex mental health services.


Street Learning Project

Working in communities educating people and raising awareness on how nutrition can impact physical health and developing workable strategies for people to follow.


Ice Project

Workshops for a mental health charity on the impact of nutrition on mental health issues. Audiences included PCT members, carers and those with mental health issues as well as other trainee community health advisers.


The Princes Trust

Interactive workshop for vulnerable teenagers on the importance of diet and nutrition on physical and mental health.



Workshops for a mental health charity for PCT members, carers and mental health workers on nutrition and mental health.


Age UK

Workshops on promoting health and longevity in adults over 65 yrs old.