I struggled with fibromyalgia and chronic UTIs for several years. Then a wise consultant referred me to Kate. I truly did not expect such close, kindly and forensic(!) attention that Kate gave to my issues – from initial consultation to tests to dietary changes – but within 2 months I felt really well.

I have continued to work with Kate since that first meeting in 2021. As an holistic practitioner, she addresses not just the body/mind but the social and physical environment. She is so well attuned to their impact on the gut, that she continues to advise and support necessary adjustments with great knowledge and sensitivity. She is stellar!

Before I met Kate, I was (almost) resigned to a diminished life. Not any more!! What a difference a Kate made!!!

M Green, Birmingham

Kate, I have no idea what you said to my GP, but my goodness you have put a rocket up him. Everything is now moving. Wowza!

Tanya L, Crawley

I’m really grateful for the clear advice and plan of action that Kate has given me to tackle the UTIs that I recently been suffering from, and I feel that I am in very experienced and knowledgeable hands.

E Taylor, Sussex

Hi Kate

Very happy for you to use this testimonial on any social media platform.

“I so appreciate Kate’s direct no nonsense straight to the heart of the problem approach. How she got there so quick amazes me but she did and cut through all the nonsense and white noise I had been listening to and reading. Why doctors don’t join the dots beats me. It turned out my gut and my stress levels were causing all my problems. It also turns out that I don’t have ADHD, nor several other conditions I was labelled with. This made a huge difference to my mental health. I thought every part of me was collapsing but it was only a couple of things that were causing all the problems. It’s such an obvious way to treat people with chronic health issues that for the love of God I have no idea whey everything doesn’t do it. Anyway I can recommend Kate really highly, she got me fixed when I never thought anyone could help me.

Sarah L, West Sussex

Dear Kate,
I’m aware that you’re extremely busy and do not expect a reply but just wanted to let you know the following.

Firstly, I have maintained my weight loss since we finished working together back in April, a first for me, and that is despite having several holidays/breaks away and routinely eating out at various restaurants – so still in control.

Also want to add that I still do not count calories and have only weighed myself twice in the past five months; I now prefer to use my clothes as a guide to whether I need to alter my food plan.

Additionally, since December I have been exercising regularly and attend my local health/spa club at least twice weekly, again this is something I’ve previously done sporadically.

Finally, I have recommended my friend to you and after his initial consultation, according to his wife, seems very positive about working with you, so I’m guessing that’ll be another very happy client to add to your never-ending list. I’m meeting with him soon so will look forward to hearing all about his progress.

Thank you, Kate I will be forever grateful to you and will continue to recommend your services.

Annie B, Sussex

Kate, it’s been a while since we last spoke but wanted to extend my huge thanks for everything you have done for me. It’s been a revelation from start to finish. I feel totally empowered and understand how my body works so much better. You really do go to extraordinary lengths to tailor advice. I loved the homework as well, and have listened to the two books you recommend, got the therapy you suggested (that was a game changer) and now know what my vulnerabilities are in terms of my health. Please use this as a testimonial. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to you all my friends and family. Again, heartfelt thanks.

Sarah L, London

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude for the incredible impact you have had on my life. After suffering from poor gut health and IBS symptoms for the last 20 years, I had all but given up hope of ever finding relief. I had been misdiagnosed and passed around from one specialist to another, with no resolution in sight.

However, that all changed when I was fortunate enough to come across your services as a nutritionist. From the very first consultation, I knew I had found someone who truly cared about my health and wellbeing. You took the time to listen to my concerns and carefully analyze my symptoms, something that no other medical professional had done before.

Your expertise and knowledge quickly became apparent, and within weeks of following your advice, I began to see a significant improvement in my overall health. You identified that I was lacking in good gut bacteria, as well as having a possible vitamin D deficiency and B12. Your guidance and personalized nutrition plan helped me to quickly address these issues, leading to a dramatic improvement in my gut health.

It has been only five weeks since I started working with you, and the changes in my life have been nothing short of remarkable. I no longer suffer from IBS symptoms, burping, farting or indigestion, and no longer need to rely on Gaviscon for relief. My overall health has improved significantly, and I feel stronger and more positive about my life.

I cannot thank you enough for the incredible impact you have had on my life. Your expertise, dedication, and personalized approach have truly changed my life for the better. I would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking to improve their health and wellbeing. Thank you once again for everything you have done for me.



I’ve always thought I knew a fair bit about healthy foods, nutrients, vitamins etc,
but clearly did not have a very good understanding of what worked best for me.
Your comment about “not all calories being equal” really resonated with me as did the not counting calories or religiously weighing myself; I’d previously been a slave to the scales and to logging calories but not anymore!!!

You’ve busted myths, allayed my fears and simplified all the “stuff” I’d previously read in diet/nutrition books. And your common-sense approach has been invaluable.

Kate you are a marvel, the wealth of knowledge, experience and support you’ve imparted has given me the strength to continue with this wonderful new healthy lifestyle and for the first time in decades I feel in control of my own wellbeing.

Finally no longer will I accept my health/weight issues are purely due to ageing, that is no longer a barrier for improving my health and wellbeing.

Annie B, Sussex

It’s very clear that Kate has huge experience and I felt very confident in her approach with my health. When I’ve ever had an operation I’ve always tried to go to the best, the best surgeon, the one that has done the op hundreds of time and I found Kate through a referral from a friend. She told me that Kate has being her job for a long time and can get to the root cause of your problems fast. This is exactly what she did and I felt very reassured and confident in all stages of seeing her. It’s such a relief to be in safe hands. She also worked right alongside my consultant and GP which they really appreciate as well. I would recommend Kate 100% and if I could give her ten stars I would.

Alex S, London

Many thanks Kate for making my mess of a life so much simpler. I am on the road to recovery now with renewed confidence, I am very grateful for all your knowledge and common sense.

John, East Grinstead

Hi Kate, update. After weeks of trying to eat right… but also eating wrong(!!!), three weeks ago I started only eating right. No added sugar (well, one treat a week), no alcohol (again, one glass a week) and aspiring to eat only whole foods (as in feeling like shop bought houmous is a heinous treat!). Omg, the difference is unbelievable. I can taste more, no need for sauces/dressings, my blood pressure has plummeted, my eyesight is better and I just feel great. This is it now for me. I always knew how I should eat, but maybe didn’t really believe it would work. Well it is, and I’m only 3 weeks in… can’t wait to see what things are like after 3, 6, 12 months!

Bill R, Sussex

Ok, so here’s the thing. Kate is bloody fantastic and deserves some medal for putting up with my outrageous demands on her. Somehow she managed to turn my health around and get it to stick. A miracle in itself. She’s been great with my mates in the band as well, non judgemental about our lives and put us back on the road to thinking actually looking after selves is cool. With so many of our dear friends dropping like flies and some of us with young kids we decided to go a different way.

Kate, you are bloody cool. We love you.


I think what you do is nothing short of amazing. I want people to know that you put your head above the parapet and fight for people and I’m not sure they get that. That’s not just some run of the mill nutritionist – what you do is so much more than that. You take on establishments and get GP’s and consultants to respect you. You approach them with professionalism and respect which helps enormously. You get them talking about the difficult conversations. In all my sick days I’ve never had a consultant stop and say this woman you are working with is right and we wish we had more time and funding to put what she is doing into practice.

So I’m writing to tell others that a 360 degree look at my life didn’t even go close to what you actually achieved. You are a quiet activist in your way who has changed so many peoples lives and I wanted others to know that these ripples have long lasting effects. With the greatest thanks.


I’m loving your Wednesday chats – great to have such simple tips that you can incorporate without feeling everything has to be changed.

I just wanted to thank you for your help. I was sinking when I talked to you, but the changes you put in place with me have helped. I felt you gave me the energy to start those changes. Your too the point, succinct communication was refreshing. I wanted to update you and thank you for starting my journey.

Tracy W

My final session with you last week made me realise how far I have come. My whole life has changed and I wanted to thank you so much for everything. What I appreciated most was you have given me a tool kit for life and that is priceless. Kate you’re a star.

Sarah B. London

I wanted to let you know how amazing the consultation was and your knowledge and common sense are second to none. I’ve seen a lot of practitioners in my time and every time I felt it was so complicated that I came away even more stressed than when I started. I think the best part about seeing you is you strip everything down to the essentials and give a clear plan of action. This has been easy to keep and I really appreciate actually understanding what my blood tests mean now. I feel I have so much control over my health.

In the last few weeks I have felt a turn around so profound that people are hardly recognising me. I am forever grateful and want to let everyone know about you. I’m sending all my family and friends to you as I know you will look after them and treat them with respect and care. Thank you so much.

Maria B, Buckinghamshire

It was lovely to speak with you yesterday, I feel so reassured I’m not going insane and there’s light at the end of this overwhelming hormonal journey.

Honestly, yesterday, was the first time in a long time that I was walking around with a little hopeful spring in my step!

So, armed with my new information, I went out and bought peanut butter, more tahini and of course the selection of teas; Grape Tree were very welcoming! The Turmeric active is gorgeous, the Night time one was also good. I’m just about to order the probiotics then play around with the breakfast ideas for when I go back to work. I’m also going out in the rain, to be, then come home and practice my tapping.

Thank you so much for the links, the meal plans and your discount code but most of all your kindness and reassurance.

Sue D, Sussex

Oh my goodness Kate, where do I start! That MOT changed my life. You managed to sort everything out in less than two hours. I am so impressed by your knowledge, your kindness and overall you are really cool and reassuring. I felt totally safe in your hands. My GP was pretty impressed too and that says a lot. I’m feeling great but mostly I felt listened to. I needed that time and space to get across all my symptoms frustrations and health issues. A huge thank you to you.

B.S. Tunbridge Wells

Hia Kate,

Things are good really good 🙂

My energy is up, I am training again, work is better way better, my moods I am in control of more and now can see how my cycle affects me which is good. I am forgetting a lot about the things I was struggling with on the daily now and that makes me happy. The herbs are great I hate the taste but since taking those and getting the right vitamins in me no more IBS (if I even had/have that) attacks no more leaky gut stuff, my hair is so super long, I feel like I can cope with the world more and my Anxiety is nearly all gone to be fair.

My bladder wellllll 1000 times better, I do not pee as much now and I don’t have to worry I am going to wet myself if I leave my house if there isn’t a loo, there are

So all in all things are really good.

Thank you ever so much Kate x


Hi Kate,

1 yr on

I hope you’re well. I think it’s been about a year since I had a consultation with you to try and get to the bottom of my recurrent UTIs. I remember you saying that you see quite a few women with recurrent UTIs and I thought it might be helpful to let you know how I’m doing in case it helps anyone else (which I’m very passionate about!).

You helped me hugely by identifying that I had a B12 deficiency, which I then had injections for, and recommending probiotics. I think that speaking to you also helped me to prioritise my wellbeing and research more specialised medical treatment. I ended up getting a referral to the Whittington LUTs Clinic, which has been truly life-changing for me.

At my first appointment, the doctor at the clinic told me that my urine microscopy showed high WBCs and epithelial cells, confirming a diagnosis of chronic/embedded UTI. Obviously this was not good news, but it was a huge relief after years of being told by GPs that there’s nothing wrong. As my count wasn’t extremely high, I was given a few options – I could do nothing (and wait for a flare-up of symptoms to decide on treatment), go straight on to long term antibiotics or try Hiprex.

I was concerned about the impact of long term antibiotics, so I decided to try Hiprex. It’s been nearly a year and progress has been super positive – I haven’t had a flare-up for months, I no longer have bladder awareness and I can go about my life without constantly worrying about being in pain. I’ve had regular microscopies which show that my WBCs and epithelial cell counts are decreasing too (down to zero WBCs on my most recent test!).

Thank you so much for helping me to start my journey towards where I am today – I think it was incredibly important for me to set my body up to support the healing process, physically and mentally.

Best wishes

Polly F

I cannot recommend Kate highly enough. Her years of experience really shows and her knowledge is extremely impressive on all aspects of Lifestyle Medicine. Kate has turned my life on it’s head in the miraculous way and I owe her a great debt of gratitude. I advise people to put their health first. I’ve never felt so well and confident about my future.

David B

I don’t really know where to start, my life has completely changed since changing my nutrition and gut health. It seemed to be the first step to a huge shift in how I wanted my life to be. So firstly I realised that I was totally burnt out, not prioritising myself and just pushing through while exhausted. This all came to light once you fed back to me about my blood results, fatigue and poor gut health.

Today, I am in a new job ( my own business), I no longer suffer with bloating, I have no abdominal pain, my bowel movements are regular, my energy is on the rise and last but not least I eat gluten and wheat. After 11 years of restricting and avoiding gluten after being told this was the cause of my bloating. My diet is now varied, nutritious and I feel alive again. So Kate, thank you!!!!! That doesn’t even seem enough but I can’t thank you enough.


I’m feeling the best I have felt in 18 months thanks to you. The bloating has gone as has the constipation. I’m very aware of what I eat now. I’m now just getting on with my life armed with all the advice you have given me.
I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back Kate, I will be forever grateful.


Thank you so much Kate for all of your time and help, you make it all so interesting and easy to understand and I know I am now on the right path.

Carry on educating the nation wont you….this is the way forward , you’re an inspiration

Angela W, Stoke On Trent

I can’t believe how much things have already changed with the probiotics. No morning issues which is when I would usually have my really bad bouts of diarrhea. Belly much more settled, and bloating not too bad at all on the probiotics. Sounds crazy, but is already life changing, as already not having to worry about not making it out the front door to go to work and going out in the evenings without the anxiety and embarrassment that can come with it all.

Thanks for all your help.

C.Thomas, East Sussex

Kate, you are incredible. You’ve really sorted me out. I came to you in a state of chaos and you have gone through everything and given me a map for life. I will be forever grateful.

Alison O. London

I’d been struggling with recurrent infections and was feeling out of control of my body when I came across Kate on instagram. I’d never spoken to a nutritionist before, but Kate’s 360 approach makes so much sense. She helped me to identify a deficiency which I (and my GP) had no idea I had and gave me lots of practical advice to help beat my infections. Not only this, but Kate is a fantastic listener and an incredibly reassuring voice when you feel like you’re out of options – everyone needs Kate in their corner!

Polly F, London

I have been working with Kate for just a short period , but have achieved so much in that time.

Kate has a wealth of knowledge, but for me, more importantly she is incredibly patient & kind.

I have been dealing with a chronic condition for 10 years and in the space of 5 weeks Kate guided me through the tests & protocols I needed to put me on a much better healing path.

I would not hesitate in recommending Kate.

T. Reilly, Farnham

Good Morning Kate,

I am so grateful to have come across Kate on my Instagram feed, purely by accident. She was talking about Chronic UTI and nutrition and seemed very well informed about my condition. whereas other dieticians and my GP hadn’t even heard of it, let alone know how to treat it.

I am under a specialist and doing well but my microbiome was really starting to struggle with the antibiotics. The symptoms were becoming painful and embarrassing, accompanied by awful fatigue.

Talking to Kate she understood immediately what was going on with me and was so sympathetic to my situation.

We made changes to my diet, had blood tests done and introduced any supplements that were necessary along with a probiotic.

The change in me has been nothing short of remarkable! The extreme pain and bloating has completely gone, my energy has returned and I feel hopeful that I’m now strong enough to kick this infection.

What really shocked me was how quickly I felt better, I honestly can’t thank you enough Kate, you are very good at what you do!

Laura. D

I’m so happy with the way my life has changed since our first consultation.
I was very impressed with how quickly you were able to identify the likely causes of my migraines and then provide me with a blueprint of how to remedy them through supplements, lifestyle changes and coping strategies.
Thank you for all your help and advice and for equipping me with the knowledge to help myself in the future.
I will never forget what you have done for me.

M.F, Sussex

One morning in mid-February last year, I woke up with the numb, depressive feelings and anxiety that have been plaguing me since for the past nine years. I knew that I was heading to Barbados two days later – my honeymoon – with a renewed sense of fear, insecurity, every negative thought beating the positive vibes that were present only 24 hours earlier.

We went to Barbados and the holiday passed in a flash; the cricket was great, the tennis brilliant and the beaches heavenly but I knew deep down that something was not right. Two counsellors had passed me mentally fit in previous years, one actually advised that it might be worth going deeper to find out if there was anything wrong physically.

After landing back in the UK, I made the decision to contact you and find out more about your services. The rest, as they say, is history.

The MOT consultation was brilliant. You gave me 90 minutes to talk about my life, any family illnesses and any significant events that could have triggered anxiety and depression. You asked all the questions in a relaxed calm manner.

From my answers, you suggested a highly scientific stools test to establish the health of my gut, percentage of good bacteria against the percentage of bad bacteria.

The results came back and it soon became apparent that my anxiety and depression may not have been that at all, but in actual fact a consequence of my unhealthy gut. On your advice, I started a course of probiotics and since then, I have been symptom free. I have a clean bill of health.

I cannot thank you enough for your hard work, expertise and guidance in establishing that my mental health problems were as a result of my poor gut health. I read so much on it before but was always guided by your posts on your FB page. Going forward, I hope that I can challenge myself more without the worry of going into another anxiety meltdown.

In actual fact, I accomplished one challenge last month. I completed the Eastbourne Half Marathon in under two hours. This is something that I thought would never be possible before I met you.

Once again, thank you for everything you’ve done. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Oliver, Sussex

I was recommended to visit Kate by my Aunty who has suffered varies health conditions.

I had been diagnosed with Salicylate Intolerance by a Consultant after 4 years of Intermittent antibiotics and steroids treatment that had been prescribed by my local GP but had not eased my symptoms of extreme breathlessness and coughing.

I was receiving high doses of steroid injections in a private hospital to calm my symptoms when my Aunty told me that Kate who had helped her.
I was only able to eat plain rice, peas, chicken, tuna and a few other plain food with barely any fruit of veg. I was at my wits end, very poorly, unable to sleep laying down, too breathless to walk upstairs and had lost all hope of ever feeling well or being able to eat a normal and varied diet as I previously had done for years.

After a tearful Skype consultation with Kate, I was reassured that she could help.

Kate prescribed several tests and I was found to have lactose intolerance, high level of unpleasant bad gut bacteria and no sufficient good bacteria to fight back with.
Within a matter of months and having taken the vitamins etc that Kate had prescribed, I was finally able to introduce a tomato, oranges, broccoli, spices, herbs and all the other foods that I had not eaten for over a year.
Meeting Kate literally changed my life.

Despite so many visits to experts/consultants and GP’s who would in turn supply me with yet more steroids, (I put on 3 stone, which I’ve mostly now lost) Kate was the first person to actually listen to me, examine all my test results in detail, treat me accordingly and eventually get me back to my normality.

Highly recommended

Hannah, Sussex

I’d just like to thank you for all your help and in particular for listening to me and going back through my medical issues over the years. Also for helping me as to what is best for me to eat, as it has been a mind field trying to work out the best diet for me! Going through my blood test results and explaining the levels was so helpful , no one has ever done that for me before, the doctors have always been very dismissive.

I feel I have more energy now, some days not but it’s far better than it was, the pain is also less frequent. I can’t believe I have managed to stay off medication and not end up in hospital. When I first came to see you I didn’t think I could cope without going on the medication (previous times when I have flared I always end up ion hospital) and am so pleased to still be off it.

So a huge thank you 🙂 . Let’s hope I continue to stay at this level or improve more over the months.

Liz, East Sussex

Kate, please use this as a testimonial where you think fit, but wanted to say a huge thank you. What I found so beneficial from seeing you was the time you gave me. It went really quickly but I felt you heard my story. It’s so hard to do that in the 10 minute appointments at the dr’s. I love the Lifestyle Medicine approach and really appreciated you joining up the dots for me and giving me a plan of action. I also really appreciate you working with my GP not against him and he thinks you are really good as well which is such a relief. I phone him this morning and he told me I was in good hands with you (!) which I thought I would pass on. Looking forward to my test results.

Ali, East Sussex

Hi Kate

I hope you are well. I just wanted to update you and say a massive thank you as it seems that we (well you!) may have finally found the answer to my health issues.

I asked my GP to refer me to the local infectious diseases department, which she was happy to do, so that they could treat the parasite that showed up on my stool test. The doctor that I saw said that they don’t usually treat it, as there is some doubt as to whether it is pathogenic or not. She did say however that she was happy to give me antibiotics, as it was possible that I had contracted something else at the same time that hadn’t shown up in the tests.

I took the antibiotics – I have forgotten which ones now, but if you would like to know I can find out – about two months ago and the difference has been remarkable. I no longer have the episodes of muscle aches and weakness, I have a lot more energy and my digestive issues have gone too. It has been truly life changing; for the first time in ten years I feel ‘normal’ and back to how I used to be. I did go to Cambodia and other places in Asia around ten years ago, which looking back was when my symptoms started. I had an episode of vomiting while there and when I returned it took some time before my stomach seemed a bit better, although I had mild symptoms ever since. I cannot say for certain what it was, but perhaps the parasite or some thing else…the stool tests that I had done with the NHS didn’t show up anything, even before the treatment, but perhaps aren’t as sensitive as the ones you ordered.

I can’t thank you enough for returning me to good health. I have recommended you to everyone I know with health issues!

Katie B

It’s like a light bulb has turned on. All of a sudden – I think I must have around 30-40% more energy and just feel brighter and more on the level. Coping with more, doing more. It’s wonderful. I’m more organised and not as overwhelmed. I’ve then thought that I have been taking the supplements for around 6 weeks, so I think these are starting to get in my system and it feels v different.I’m putting it down to the probiotics and a better gut health.No reflux type full symptoms for a while, if they are there they are significantly reduced. Amazing isn’t it!!

Katherine P, Mansfield

Kate is the Nutrition Queer Eye. I feel a totally new person.

Liz, Sussex

I had been struggling with digestion problems for some years and booked in to see Kate as a last resort and with much scepticism, however I have been totally amazed by the results in just four months of Kate’s recommended treatment. Her diagnosis was swift and comprehensive and the treatment straight forward and has had immediate and incredible results. My digestion has been the best it has been for years and I generally feel great as a result of this. I am so pleased I found Kate to help me with this.

A. CT. Sussex

The thing I really loved about Kate and her consultations is that she really knows her stuff, and is so grounded and sensible in her approach. No magic potions or woo woo nonsense. All evidence based and working alongside GP’s and I needed that for reassurance, as I’d been burned before by people who didn’t know what they were doing. Kate you are a little bit fabulous and I’ve told all my friends about you.

Sally, East Sussex

Morning Kate. It was so great to meet you the other day. I’ve thrown my health file away and realised how stressful it had become. It was a constant reminder of the thousands of wasted pounds I had spent. Finding someone who has real skill in routing out the relevant issues is a breath of fresh air. I feel I am in safe hands at last!

Chris, East Sussex

I had the good fortune of being referred to Kate during November 2017. I had a host of symptoms which seven G.P.s and five consultants had been unable to help me with. We moved house, joined a new medical practice and I consulted a doctor who understood exactly what I was talking about. He informed me that these days doctors are finding that patients are complaining of various symptoms which haven’t been experienced before and that they can be due to problems in the gut. I was just so amazed to find a doctor offering a possible solution. He recommended that I should see a Nutritionist specialising in gut problems.

That is when I met Kate.

She immediately diagnosed several problems which she thought may be causing my symptoms. She organised a round of various tests – all of which proved positive. Even though the results weren’t good, I was so pleased that at last I had found someone who had the answers and the treatment. I have now been having treatment for eight months. I have recently told Kate that I think that I’m about 80% better than when I first met her. My problems were so complex but gradually she unravelled them. I obviously still have a way to go but I shall follow her good advice and will become even better. The symptoms that I had made me feel so ill. I was totally exhausted, in so much pain and my general health was deteriorating. I spent hours researching on Google to find answers. The G.P. whose practice I had been with for 14 years was so fed up with me arriving with yet another new symptom – on the last occasion that I saw him he became quite cross telling me that I had become an ‘internet trawler’ reading symptoms and ‘imagining’ that I had various illnesses. He told me to accept my condition and learn to live with it. I was so angry – I told him that I had neither the time nor the energy to waste doing that! But that I was searching for answers. I returned home feeling hopeless and helpless. For two weeks I felt totally depressed, I then decided that he just hadn’t got a clue and I needed to continue searching.
I can’t tell you how grateful I am to the doctor who referred me to Kate, and to Kate. I think that she is the most amazing woman. So knowledgeable, so supportive. A brilliant lady! She has turned my life around.
Thank you Kate!

June, Eastbourne

Thank you for our interesting and informative meeting yesterday, I found it to be a valuable and grounding experience, helping me to move forward with these annoying health issues in a more informed and reassuring way.

Christine, East Sussex

I consulted Kate in the hope that she would be able to advise me how to relieve long standing and uncomfortable, sometimes painful, digestion problems – bloating, gas and everything else I am too embarrassed to write about. Not only did Kate put me at my ease to talk about these things with her, but she suggested that my general tiredness and anxiety might also benefit from her thorough review. And so it proved to be. A food diary and, for me, stool tests, blood tests and a strict six-week dairy-free regime revealed the solutions. Three months later, my new regime has improved everything. I have much more energy and less anxiety. I feel happier. I am no longer bloated and I know what foods suit me. Gone are the embarrassing digestion problems. I feel good, I am told I look good and I have much more confidence. I have been able to increase my exercise levels to improve my stamina and strength. I have even started to learn golf! Before Kate’s help, I had wondered whether, at the age of 62, my lack of energy and digestion problems were just down to getting older. Far from it. I now feel like a new woman and I am excited about the next phase of my life and its many adventures.

Alison W, East Sussex

It was great to see you again. I am so pleased with my progress so far.

I realise that I still have a lot to do but i also realise that I reached the tipping point on 1 Dec and now is the time to change for good.

Thanks for your continued advice and support, as I said it really is life changing.

Andy, Eastbourne

Hi Kate

Just wanted to send you a quick email to wish you a Happy Christmas and thank you for your support this year. Hard to believe that this time last year, I was barely eating and about to leave the office for 6 weeks due to anxiety! I’m in a considerably better position, both in terms of diet and also my mental state, and you were instrumental to these improvements. I’m pretty much eating whatever I want, although I’m still avoiding sugar and not drinking much alcohol at all (which isn’t a bad thing) – this seems to keep the SIBO under control. I’m also back up to weight – I’ve gained over 1.5 stone since I first saw you. So all in all, a marked improvement!

Dean, Kent

Hi Kate,

I hope you are well.

I just read your Facebook post about slimming clubs and thought that I’d let you know how I’m doing with my weight and fitness, in response to seeing this.

I have lost about 3.5 pounds since I last saw you and am very much hoping to slowly continue with the weight loss.

More importantly I continue to exercise about 5 times a week and am now running for 25 mins, 3 times a week. I hope to do my first Parkrun soon.

In my latest fitness test, my pbs had improved considerably and I have lost 10 cm off my waist during the last 10 months. My personal trainer is really pleased that my weight loss is small because this indicates that my body composition is changing.

Most importantly I am happy. The little voice that tells me I need to be skinny is gradually becoming quieter and I am so pleased to be fit and healthy. I now concentrate on eating well and I try my best to eat nutritious food irrespective of calorie intake.

Last week a heard a lady talking about her food diary to a trainer at the gym. They added up her calorie intake and I heard them say that she was only eating 200 calories a day. She was about my age, was extremely thin, looked very unhealthy and dare I say it, old!

Previously I was someone who periodically joined slimming clubs, and I starved myself in order to reach my goal, feeling a failing a failure each time the scales told me that I had put on even a small amount of weight.

Thank you so much for your insight and help during the summer. I am so grateful both for my healthy body and my piece of mind. I am recommending you to all of my friends!

Phillipa P, East Sussex

I just want to thank you so much for your advice and guidance through getting me to this point.
I’m so thrilled to finally have answers and I’m very positive regarding the future and now not only myself but my family can move on from what has been a very trying 5 years.

Thanking you endlessly

Wesley E, Kent

Hi Kate, I hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for your help over the past few months. Your weight loss programme is just amazing, not only really good value (!) but wow has it changed everything about me. You are very clever in the way you approach everything. Somehow you get politics into weight loss (not sure how you managed that but you did!) and really good solid scientific evidence in a really unbiased way. What astonished me is we never mentioned calories that much, and you weighed me as an after thought (sort of!) at the end of each session. I know why you were doing that now! Today I got on the scales I’ve lost 2 stone 10lbs. However there is something more profound going on, my obsession with losing weight has gone and the fact that I feel so amazing in myself was the first step. You were right. Something you did clicked with me so huge thanks for that.

Melanie, London

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Kate in the field of clinical nutrition for the last 4 years. I practice as a consultant physician specialising in gastroenterology and our nutrition interests overlap.

Kate is one of the most innovative and insightful people I have met in my 12 years as a specialist. She has established a strong reputation and large client base for her nutrition consultancy work which she runs with dynamic leadership and enthusiasm.

In 2014 Kate identified a gap in the availability of diagnostic testing in Sussex where she is based for diagnosing bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. Kate developed a new service giving people the opportunity to be tested for bacterial overgrowth, a cause of many abdominal symptoms. She has promoted this via educational sessions to local doctors and patients alike, such that family doctors, specialists and patients directly can now access the test.

Dr David Neal, Consultant Physician

Thank you so much for your support help time and expertise lately. Its great to have a little hope back and hopefully a brighter future. We are lucky to have you and your skills so close to home you do an awesome job – warm wishes.

Zoe, Brighton

Hi Kate, I know its a long time since I had my first and only appointment with you but you know when a person has a major problem that affects every day of the life several times a day and then it suddenly disappears to just an occurrence every now and then, that they forget they had such a big problem? Well that’s what happened to me. As you know I came to you because several times during the day id feel drained of energy, irritable, blurry vision, loss of concentration, pins and needles in my face, slurred speech, hot and shaky and then id feel like I would pass out. Doctors had ruled out diabetes and no other help or even advice was available from them. I ate a healthy diet and exercised regularly so I didn’t understand why I was having this problem. I found it strange that there was only certain times of the day i felt well enough to exercise.

I booked an appointment with you as i hated living feeling this way. You looked at my food diary which id recorded 10 days of what i had eaten and drank and asked questions and listened and took notes of my answers. Within a few minutes of my appointment you were able to tell me what it was that was going on with my body and how to the problem out. You told me it was Reactive Hypoglycaemia that I had and that my Flight or Fight Response was way out of balance. You said the food I ate yes was very healthy but I needed a a few specific changes. You also went into detail about why I had the condition and how it causes my body to give the certain symptoms I have suffered from since I was a toddler, I am now 43 so that shows how long ive put up with this problem but it was getting worse the last 2 years. I went home, took your advice, made the changes you suggested. the one thing I couldn’t do is have the blood tests for Vitamin B deficiency and to get a Blood sugar level testing kit. That was only because of my fear of needles.

The result ive got from following your advice is that I only have the beginnings of the symptoms once a week if that, for a few minutes but the symptoms are so mild and I can sort it out within minutes.

A life time problem that was affecting me every day is completely under control.

I recently had a CSF Brain Leak and got meningitis whilst waiting for an operation. A few months after that i had the brain surgery for the CSF brain leak in my base skull which was a success. Yet if I hadn’t of seen you I would of been in a really bad way physically and mentally coping with meningitis as i was not able to eat. Also i would not of been able to have had that surgery because it would have been impossible to Fast before my operation.

So following your advice I coped well. If this had been a few years ago I would have passed out within a few hours of not having any food, therefore not even being able to go through with an operation.

So Kate, I Thank you, even though they seem simple words to express my gratitude for what you have done to improve my life 🙂

I am more than happy for you to use my message to help others who are in any doubt at all on how nutrition can turn a persons life around.

With many Thanks

Karen, Eastbourne

I always feel a sense of joyous anticipation when I see Kate Arnold appear in my in box and you do not disappoint me. This newsletter was of particular interest to me since I have strong feelings about the NHS. Please keep your newsletters coming. They are much needed and I for one really appreciate them. One of the best things I did in my life was to see you. Thank you Kate

Christopher, Battle

I just wanted to say that I found your newsletter to be a real breath of fresh air – all too often, I hear even my friends going on about how they want to detox etc and nothing frustrates me more than seeing people around me be constantly confused by conflicting information all over the internet, but I can understand why everyone is so confused and that’s what I find most frustrating – everyone tells you something different every day, and unless you invest a lot of time into reading and trying to understand it all, then it must be a lot of information to take in, so no wonder so many people struggle.

I am extremely into nutrition and health, although my degree is in Ecology which is totally unrelated, Nutrition is where I want to be and what I’m most interested in. Having followed all the fad-stars for ages and been through my fair share of fads too, it’s relieving to finally see nutrtionists such as yourself who aren’t pushing for people to cut out whole food groups, or forcing veganism upon everyone. They have their place, but as you say, they aren’t for everyone, and it’s a shame that so many people struggle with the basics of a healthy diet, when in reality, it’s so simple to just eat properly, everything in moderation, without the guilt, and see what’s wrong and what’s right. As far as the detox goes, everyone who is desperately searching for a life of health and “being skinny”, yet constantly surrounded by fast food and convenience food and drinking too much etc etc – like you say, balance is key.

Anyway, just thought I’d thank you for a really insightful newsletter and it’s nice to see someone who isn’t trying to get a following by claiming their way of life is the best and will work for everyone etc. Thank you

“When I initially came to see Kate I was very nervous and my list of symptoms were just ridiculous. I expected her to be shocked but on the contrary Kate couldn’t have been more relaxed, as she told me she had heard it all before. This instantly put me at ease as I didn’t feel like a freak or hypochondriac.

My GP had diagnosed me with CFS which was a relief at first but then of course he said he couldn’t really help me and it was about time healing things. I had contracted glandular fever and a severe bout of food poisoning and never really recovered from both. I ached all the time, could barely get out of bed, felt like I had a fever the whole time although my thermometer told me otherwise. My eyes burned, my bowel was all over the place, generally I felt miserable and hadn’t worked for four years. I was going round and round in circles and getting nowhere. I even went up to London to see an “ME” consultant who was hopeless and just talked to me about graded exercise.

What I liked about Kate’s approach was the amount of time we had – a whole two hours. I bought my health file with me which was enormous and little by little we started to piece together what had got wrong, and more importantly why I had not got better. I borrowed some money from my aunt and a few tests later I had such a greater understanding of what had happened to me. To cut a very long story short, six months later I am back at work, part time and doing really well.

Kate found so many conditions – her knowledge of the body is astounding and she really understands about symptoms and where they come from. You need a lot of time to talk when you are ill as there is so much to say and I think this really helped me figure out why had become ill and why I wasn’t getting better. In the end it was actually very simple, I had been told that CFS was so complicated but Kate made it really easy.”

Tracey, Horsham

“Dear Kate, I wanted to extend a very big thanks to you for curing my chronic constipation and tummy problems, problems I have had for over twenty years!

I know you have a lot of patients, so aren’t going to remember my particular circumstances, but I have an underactive thyroid, diverticular disease and was diagnosed by you (through a complicated laboratory stool test) as having an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in my gut.

Following a course of probiotics which you recommended my gut is 100% better and I hardly ever have to take a laxative. I do eat masses of fruit and veggies, but I think the probiotics have finally shifted the bacterial content of my gut.

I have been to numerous doctors, specialists, gastro-enterologists and dieticians over the years and nobody helped me!

You are superb and I cannot thank you enough for changing my life for the better. I read your newsletters in great detail and try and follow your advice.


Robert P, London

“Kate came into our offices like a whirlwind of enthusiasm and energy. She was highly motivational and got a sluggish and slightly porky management team enthused and attentive!! In the last three months we have noticed a marked improvement in days off sick and better attention and energy throughout the day. Our whole floor has lost in total eight and half stone in weight. Thank you Kate for you interest, boundless energy, and a mind of amazing facts. You have bought colour into our lives and a greater understanding of how we can prevent ill health and we all thank you for that”

J Brinkham, Hove

“Seventeen years of yo-yo dieting are now part of a hazy past. Kate’s tailored advice to me as an individual was brilliant – I can’t believe it but I’m now eating more and enjoying my food again.”

Brenda, Hailsham

“After three years of skin rashes and headaches I was at my wit’s end. I was so convinced that everything I was eating was making me ill, that I was only eating about six or seven foods. After a few simple blood tests with Kate, and avoidance of two foods, I’m now completely free of symptoms, and can eat a well balanced healthy diet again.”

Sasha, Uckfield

“I was hesitant about seeing a nutritionist as my cholesterol was 6.8 but was determined to try a diet and lifestyle change before going down the drug route. To my absolute delight, eight weeks in, my cholesterol was down to 4.4. I cannot tell you how amazed I (and my GP!) am. I feel a whole new lease of life and energy in my general health as well. Kate is brilliant!”

John, Brighton

“Kate, I had to write to thank you – your knowledge and understanding of nutrition and health is just awesome. From crawling around the floor feeling like near death for 2 years, I’m almost back to my old self – and its not just me you have helped but my daughter, my husband and my parents. You are astonishingly kind (but also strict as well) and I cannot begin to thank you for getting me through this maze of symptoms.”

Belinda, London

“I never thought that what I was eating and drinking could be affecting my mood until I saw Kate. I have had mild depression for years and suffer from anxiety quite badly. I lived off chocolate, alcohol and coffee. I got a total overhaul of my diet and lifestyle and very quickly my anxiety calmed down, and the depression has virtually gone. My young daughter says she feels she has got her dad back. I have more energy and am feeling positive for the future.”

Paul, Eastbourne

“After grappling with digestive and weight problems for years, Kate’s advice has led me to much better health and five stone weight loss.”

Debbie, Eastbourne

“When I first contacted Kate in June 2010 my chronic fatigue was so bad that some days I couldn’t walk to the kitchen to prepare a meal. For every one of my (many!) symptoms Kate suggested a nutritional cause and we have slowly eliminated them one by one. She also arranged a stool test for me and we altered my diet following that. She was also on hand to answer my (many!) emails. I’m now working three days a week in the office and am enjoying a social life too. Basically, I owe Kate my life!”

Gillian, Birmingham

“I have worked hard at the various changes to my diet that we suggested and I am pleased report that I have lost 20lbs but more importantly I do feel so much better overall.”

Janet D, Eastbourne

“Kate, I had to write to tell you how much you have changed my life. You have this amazing capacity to cut through all the nonsense and somehow fitted right between my GP and me. You’ve steered me on the right course when so many did not. Your sensible down to earth, no nonsense approach made it clear to see where I needed to go. I was so confused and so miserable and so ill, and now… well I can’t believe it but I’m fine and I’ve taken the knowledge that you’ve given me and I know it last with me for the rest of the my life. Thank you for giving my family back their mum.”

Kathy, Battle

“I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciated all the help and guidance you gave my partner in respect of nutrition and diet, your understanding sympathy and professionalism of my partners case was excellent.”

Leonard G, Eastbourne

“Kate, I wanted to say a really big thank you to you for all of the help and guidance you have given me over the past few months, you’ve made such a difference to my health and as a result have changed my life for the better and for that I’m really grateful. Your knowledge and advice has helped to eliminate many of my numerous symptoms and although I’m still working through several bowel issues I’m finally feeling human again, now that my fatigue/thyroid issue has been sorted. I also now have much more support from my GP, compared to a few months ago when I felt he didn’t take me or my problems particularly seriously. Now things are starting to look up and I’m getting the help I need from him. I really can’t thank you enough for what you have helped me achieve over the past few months for helping me to get past the brick wall. I felt I had hit in my life and therefore making my 2013 look that bit brighter.”

M. Kenward, Kent

“Kate, I had to write to you and thank you so so so much for the amazing work you have done with my health. I thought I’d never get better. I thought I knew it all, and worst of all I thought my diet was good. Wow how you have opened my eyes. I’m not sure how you hold so much information in you brain! You were with me every step of the way. Its been tough, hard and challenging, but I never regretted a moment of it, and as you said as soon as I started feeling better my faith in you grew stronger and stronger (although I never doubted you for an instance I had seen a fair few quacks over the years, spend thousands of pounds and got nowhere – ouch that hurts writing that!). So from me, my husband and my daughter – we love you, you are AMAZING – thank you thank you thank you”

Natasha L, Uckfield

“Hi Kate, Been bursting for some time now and just had to email you – I’m now 8st 6oz (but I was ridiculously active yesterday so it might be a blip) and am all but off the citalopram – only 5mg a day now so in a week or so they will be NO MORE. I think I have more energy now than I have had since becoming a parent – over 20 years ago. Sad on the one hand – a lot of lost time – but it’s so good on the other. When I was rolling around in cycles of depression the best I could hope for was surviving each day. Life was something to be endured. But now I’m wringing so much out of each day and have so much I want to do and just don’t have the time for – creative projects as well as all the stuff that simply has to be done. Not so long ago, I used to have to prioritise what needed to be done each day – because whatever I hadn’t achieved by early afternoon would have to be left until the next day, because I wouldn’t have the energy. Now, I just go on and on and on! Have to stop myself! I’d never have believed this could happen. I can remember sitting down with a psychiatric nurse a few years ago, weeping in despair when she asked me what I would do if the miracle happened and I could wake up the next day and be free of depression. It seemed like an impossible dream. But here I am – not remotely depressed – and whilst I’m still capable of feeling pretty crap sometimes it’s not the same, because my foundations are stronger. What gets me is that it’s actually been so easy – once I had your expert help. But there’s no use feeling resentful that it didn’t happen earlier because I probably wasn’t ready. We’re funny creatures and there’s so much at play, so much that isn’t conscious. The right thing happens at the right time. I’m just so glad I didn’t have to slide into premature old age and being a fat cronk, which was very definitely happening! You’ve given me back to myself!”

Cathy, Norfolk

“This girl is good… really good.. go see her.”

Peter S, Dubai

Great news, I think you have 100% cured me (touch wood). I started to feel much better about a week after we last met. Since then I’ve felt “normal” which is fabulous. The back ache has gone, the fatigue has gone, the digestion is great, I have so much more energy, my eyes are not tired. It’s great. What is even more amazing is that I am now eating all the things I couldn’t before with no ill effects. Fruit, oats, wheat, occasional sugars and even garlic and onions which gave me major issues in the past. I’m keeping a healthy and balanced diet though and I’m now able to exercise more. I’m feeling really good. I’m tapering off the probiotics as you suggested. One a day for Feb then I’ll drop down to 1 every other day for a couple of weeks then stop (is this correct?). I played a round of golf a while back. I’m normally exhausted by the 13th but I noticed on the 18th that I didn’t feel tired and I actually felt I could do another 18 holes. I haven’t felt like that is over 6 years! Not only have you cured me but you’ve improved my golf handicap too! Amazing. Many thanks for this Kate, it has changed my life and of course my families lives too as a result. You are a rock star in my eyes.

Lance B, Bexhill on Sea

Dear Kate, it has been three weeks since I last saw you and I promised you a testimonial because I wanted everyone to know how brilliant you are. Please post this on your facebook page! You have transformed my life (ok yes I know I did the work, but you lighted the spark that made me do the work). I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to be well again. I get angry when I see people spending loads of money on stuff they dont need, not realising that when you are ill you will do anything to get better, and find the money to invest in your health. I am so much wiser and clearer in my head and my body about what I need to do for the rest of my life. You are simply a life saver, and I’m sending all my friends and family to see you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Heather, Uckfield

I don’t know what I would have done without you Kate, you have changed my world. You are the most wonderful wonderful nutritionist with a heart of gold, thank you thank you for all you have done!

Barbara, Tunbridge Wells

Hi Kate, I wanted to send you a big thank you seeing me the other month, what a revelation that was! You told me my PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder) could be helped enormously by diet, weight loss and a few tests. It seemed too simple, but to date I have lost three stone which has made a huge difference, my diet is from another planet (a very healthy one), the one supplement you gave me has worked wonders (rather than the 20 some quack told me to buy which did no good at all) and I now totally get what is going on in my body, how it works, and what it needs on a very fundamental level. As I said to you as much as it would have been easier to take a pill, I just couldnt do it, my fear was too great. In fact I feel so much better I am even starting to wonder if I had this condition in the first place. I look forward to seeing you at my review with my even more amazing food diary!

Isabelle, Seaford

Hi Kate, I just wanted to tell you I have just returned from my consultant and he is thrilled with my progress. It seems slightly miraculously that my inflammation markers are back to normal, and I don’t need to go on steroids. Obviously he will keep an eye on me, but fingers crossed with what you suggested, I can stay away from these as you know how much they frighten me. I am so grateful to you for you explaining to me how RA works, and what is really behind the symptoms. It’s made so much sense to me rather than the we dont know school of thought but here’s a scary drug. You are a bit of a star and I will be recommending you to all my ill friends and family”.

Peter, Heathfield

Kate, I wanted to thank you so much for all your help. I cannot believe that I am now off all medications and their horrid side effects. You were with me all the way and have been so supportive – big thank you from me and the family”

Joan, Uckfield

Hi Kate, I think the first thing you told me was that fibromyalgia was another one of those words that doesn’t really mean anything – you get very excited by the diagnosis but then realise you are told that here is a pill, and there is nothing that can be done and no one knows the cause. I bought into that for four years. Thank you for all your no nonsense, advice – my goodness you cut through the c*** – excuse the language and got straight to the causes and reasons. Of course once you know what they are you can start getting better. I have odd days – maybe one in ten where I feel a bit achey but its nothing compared to the pain and discomfort 24/7 I had with no let up – please do post this on your Facebook page as I think this syndrome is poorly managed and poorly understood”

Fiona, Uckfield

Today I presented Kate with my new cholesterol results…My overall cholesterol was 8.2 nmol/L its now 5.2 nmol/L. My HDL is 2.2 and my LDL is 1.3, down from 4.4. Bearing in mind I won’t go near pills, I think it’s fair to say this is a good result. I’m thrilled – thanks Kate, and it only took three months!

P Huxley, Battersea

“Kate I wanted to write to thank you for your tireless help and patience with my myriad of hideous symptoms. When I came to you I had typed out 47! It seems unbelievable now – no wonder I was embarrassed to talk them all through with the GP. You gave me an explanation for nearly every single one. Not sure how you did that. I was looking at my list this morning and I now have five! and wanted to tell you I went for the job and got it and start in eight weeks. I never thought I would work again and this has given me a new lease on life. Thank you so much, this also comes from Chris and Sophie too – they have got me back again!”

Stephanie H, Battle