For the past twenty years Kate has taken a 360 degree approach to health. This incorporates diet, inflammation, sleep, gut health, exercise and stress. One of the worst issues about being ill is the frustration it causes which can impact our ability to heal quicker. The stress cycle is so easy to get into and quite tricky to come out of. Working with Kate will give you the tools you need to support not only your physical health but your mental health as well. For any chronic health condition, stress can keep you producing inflammation long term. For some clients and patients, trauma can be a large part of the person’s inability to fully recover and where necessary Kate will recommend certain well chosen highly qualified practitioners for additional support.

Kate is a keen advocate of walking, movement, nature, mindfulness and trauma therapy within the remit of lifestyle medicine. She is part of the My Mindpal team, the mental health app and has worked closely with mental health charities. Kate’s clinics in London and Sussex give her a diverse environment combing city and country living. As everyone is different Kate’s advice is tailored to the individual to ensure the best possible outcome.

“It’s the simplest changes that make the most impact”