Swine flu vaccinations

Gulp…. here I go again. Perhaps I should go into politics and leave the nutrition behind! Sometimes they overlap and this is one of those times. People generally fall into three categories with regards this particularly explosive topic – yes please, not on your life, or I don’t really care. Guess which category I’m in! I would rather take my chances with my immune system than have some half tested drug with god knows what in it (conspiracy theorists among you do some googling!). For those who are not going to be injected by your GP who is getting ¬£5.25 bonus for every jab they do, I’d steer clear of crowds if you can, wash your hands as often as can – take a strong multivitamin with a good dose of vitamin D, vitamin C and garlic and trust your immune system to cope with whatever horrors we have to face. If you are undecided do some research, look at the figures, find out what’s happening in the US where the vaccine is now compulsory in one or two states. Just remember where the US leads, we follow on pretty much everything. Politics and controversy over… back to nutrition.

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