Integrated medicine

I’ve never thought of myself (or marketed myself) as alternative. To me good nutrition prevents nearly all the big killer diseases we have at the moment in the western world. Those of note are obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and lesser conditions like IBS, arthritis, migraines, hormonal problems etc. It is the elevated amounts of saturated fat, salt and sugar that have shocked our bodies into crisis.

For me the proof is always in the pudding. Now, after ten years of practice, I am getting GP and consultant referral. These tend to be patients who are not responding to a conventional approach and are still symptomatic and need a longer appraisal to assess their diet and lifestyle, vitamin and mineral status etc.

The largest quota of people usually have digestive disorders. If after numerous scopes, anti spasmodic pills etc they are still suffering with bowel problems they end up at my door (usually as the last resort!). Some patients come to me as a first resort, and most often than not I send them scurrying back to their GP’s with a letter! I have found nearly all GP’s extremely accommodating and generous in their approach with me. I’ve always said that I’d love every GP surgery to have an on site nutritionist/nutritional therapist/dietician. I do have friends who work in private practice with GP’s in London, but this is unusual and seems to be located primarily in the larger cities. Integrated medicine is definitely the way forward for the future.

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