Men in the dock

I hope you like my seemless link from politics to medicine………!

I find it slightly ironic that two very different men are in the “dock” this week being questioned, one on Iraq and one on the MMR vaccine.

Dr Andrew Wakefield, is the doctor who sparked the MMR controversy. He faces being struck off for showing a ‘callous disregard’ for the suffering of children. He is the man who first linked the triple jab to autism and bowel problems. According to the GMC – he acted ‘dishonestly and irresponsibly’ when publicising his research.

Is it not then even more ironic that Tony Blair would not confirm whether his son Leo had the triple MMR in 2001? I’m not against vaccination at all but putting three vaccines into a growing immune system is not the best idea in my book. Why not just give it in divided doses – or what I’d like to call ‘choice” for parents.

Didn’t our late Prime Minister act “dishonestly and irresponsibly” with a research dossier?

Sadly I suspect one of these men will get off very lightly and one will heavily pay the price.

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