Swine flu fiasco

So it turns out after all that there was a slight overestimation of the severity of the H1N1 virus. We now have £1 billion worth of vaccines to get rid of – isnt that an obscene amount of money? Most of the GP’s/nurses/consultants I spoke to during this panic were far more cautious about giving people this vaccine and it turns out rightly so. Scare tactics like these pushed by drug companies are obviously not swaying the general public – we are not as stupid as they think, and I suspect will be very sceptical next time another “pandemic” draws near.

The British are renowned for their stiff upper lip in times of crisis, this has slightly waned in the last 20 years whereby we now show our emotions more readily. However scaring the british people with fear and terror and over sensationalising news just is not working – thank goodness. Common sense will out all the time!

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