Who knows what a balanced diet is? Not many…

All health care professionals need to be asking the following questions not only to themselves but to their patients:

Are you eating a balanced diet?

Do you know what a balanced diet is?

Do I as a health care profesional really know what a balanced diet is?

Have you access to a balanced diet?

Can you afford a balanced diet?

So what should you eat: high protein, low protein, moderate protein, high fat, low fat, moderate fat, high carb, low carb, moderate carb, margarine or butter, supplements or no supplements, sugar free products or not, organic or non organic, tinned or frozen, both or neither, caffeine or no caffeine?

Even though many believe that nutrition plays no role in disease, the evidence is screaming at us with obesity and diabetes at its highest ever levels.  And we are failing as a nation – not in technology or drugs – we are getting far better at keeping people alive, but we are still failing terrribly at preventing disease in the first place.

I would guess that nearly everyone visiting their GP could do with some form of nutritional support/information relevant to their condition. Who tells people with anxiety or high blood pressure not to drink black coffee for instance? Those who dont think what they are eating is affecting their health are walking around in a daze of lack of information.

Any one like to comment on what they think or have been told is a “balanced diet”?!!!

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