Internet addiction linked to depression

It’s so very sad to see this headline. Being a tehnophobe I’ve found it increasingly hard to keep up with the never ending updating of technology. The speed of change can take your breath away. A laptop I guess can become a friend that you become dependant on for research/reading/dating/shopping etc. I read with a smile recently that the singer Lilly Allen had dumped her laptop, iphone and stopped twittering and went cold turkey to live without them and concetrate on her relationship.

It’s so uncool to attack the internet and it would be stupid to do so as we have it, its hear to stay and we now couldnt function without it. But I think its sad, sad that kids on computers upstairs can text their parents who are downstairs, sad that getting through to a teenager is even more difficult as they are surgically stuck to their ipods and phones.

The irony is that with all these ways to communicate with each other we are communicating less, becoming less socially interactive and more insular. Going on social network sites doesnt meant that you have thousands of friends – it’s not real. I long for the day pre 2000 that the internet didnt exist but you cant stay there very long. We have to move on.

I think if possible one day a week we should all try and live without our mobiles/laptops and see if the world comes to an end. – It wont. I run my own business and I dont take mobile calls – my number is given to a few friends only, and I have non digital landlines. I don’t think text messaging is the way to have a conversation or a way to dump someone. I get really excited when a handwritten letter or card comes through the day – an email is not the same. I hate how easy it is to access hard core porn on the internet – surely that could have been monitored right at the start? Lastly I’m not sure a world buzzing with electromagnetic frequencies is doing our brains and immune systems any good.

If we all just succumb to the latest gadgets we are feeding into a never ending spiral of  never being in control of our lives.

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