Madness and miracles

I was catching up with a few programmes last night on bbciplayer -“I Believe in Miracles” and “Are you a Danger to Kids?” There was an irony in the comparison of these programmes.  To sum up Panorama’s programme would be to watch the brave voice of Brian Moore, tough rugby playing bruiser who was bought to tears relaying his abuse when he was nine. Despite this he does not agree with the government’s everyone is a paedophile unless otherwise checked initiative. I think that says it all. Turning Habeus Corpus on it head is astounding. I’m sure none of us want our fate and future decided by a group of 200 case workers sitting in an Stalinist orange building in Darlington.

Turning to a magical programme about miracles we watched the power and wonder of what horses can give to autistic children.  Rupert Isaacson’s son Rowan made a miraculous recovery and he has started this wonderful project -the Horse Boy Foundation.

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