McDonalds meal that doesn’t go off

This article (see link below) shouldn’t surprise you. If it does you are being slightly naive in buying into the new image Mcdonalds is trying to show us. A happy meal was kept by a mother for one year and it is still in tact – take a look at the list of ingredients and the picture of the burger.–gone-off.html

I was talking to a mother yesterday and she had been persuaded that the new image Mcdonalds was far better for you. Their adverts have oldie woldie music and kids running around on farms looking healthy. The reality is far removed from this idyllic picture. They advertise their burgers as 100% meat as if we should be grateful. What other percentage should it be? The additives in the food are still there and in my mind the food is not “real”. It is still junk food. Think very carefully before you eat this stuff and give it to your kids. It’s not really a treat is it? Try fish and chips instead.

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