Judging people’s health by their looks

Following on from a recent article in the Daily Mail, it is fair to say that we judge people to be healthy if they look good on the outside. However the outer beauty whether faked or real rarely hides or makes up for what is really going on inside the body.

An example of this arrived at my door last year – a family of four all came to me for a complete health MOT – a few basic blood tests, cholesterol, thyroid, full blood count, diet etc. On sight they were the healthiest four people I had seen in a long time – very good looking, great skin, good hair, sparkling eyes, great BMI’s, all with no health problems. Alarmingly the parents blood tests came back and all was not well. The father had dangerously raised cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and his homocysteine was the highest I had seen for a while – it seemed he was a walking time bomb. The mother came back as having an underactive thyroid, low B12 and anaemia and also raised cholesterol. What was concerning was that they displayed no symptoms whatsoever. Even with anaemia the mother looked well. This just goes to show that you just cannot judge the inside by the outside.

I think it’s even more relevant today with botox, hair extensions, whitened teeth, fake tan – its not difficult to make ourselves look better but do remember that it is fake, and will never reflect the rising liver damage or hardened arteries inside us!

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