Calcium tablets and increase heart attack risk

I’ve had loads of emails in the last week regarding the latest news on calcium supplementation raising the risk of heart attacks by 30% in women. Firstly don’t panic. If you have osteoporosis and are taking high level calcium supplementation like AdCal then speak to your GP. It is still important to get calcium AND magnesium, vitamin D and boron in your diet and not just calcium alone for bone health.

According to this new study, calcium in the diet is different from the calcium in tablets (nothing new there) and raises levels in the blood that could increase your chances of having a heart attack. As with all new studies that come out unless you look at it in detail there can still be many variables as to how they came to this outcome. If you are worried I would discuss the pros and cons with your GP.

In the meantime calcium sources in your diet are important and you don’t have to depend on loads of diary food which many people avoid. Here are some other sources:

Whitebait, sardines, tofu, spring greens, molasses, raw spinach, prawns, baked beans, canned salmon, almonds.

Tinned fish is a really good source of calcium and if you are avoiding dairy foods and eating soya, do buy calcium enriched soya milk.

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