Fat Free… my a***!

For every one hundred positive responses I get to my blog there will be about five who tell me I am a killjoy and should stop ruining people’s fun. I didn’t think ill health was fun or good health a non serious topic. I get angry and vent and am as controversial as I can be because I care. I care greatly at what is really happening not only in the world but in the food industry and who has the power over what we eat. The wrong messages are beamed into our living rooms or through the media telling us continually that sugar free and fat free foods are good for us. And this makes me mad.

With that in mind I’m back today on advertised food. Activia’s Snackpots (I wish Martine McCuthcheon would rise from the dead and go back to Eastenders): they ALL contain artificial sweeteners and I’ve just been reading forums on people who are buying them saying how great they because they are FAT FREE.

People, wake up! You are still being sold FAT FREE as healthy. FAT CONSUMPTION HAS DECREASED IN THE LAST THIRTY YEARS – and yet obesity has risen – if you dont believe me – research it yourself – google fat consumption trends. Do not be hoodwinked into eating FAT FREE food – its full of sweetener that may indeed tell your tastebuds that you are not full up so guess what…

you eat MORE, not less..and what does that make.. the companies more money….

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