Watch out for unqualified practitioners!

Have just found two people in the area who are claiming to be Nutritionalists (by the way that is not a word which should tell you all you need to know). They are clearly unqualified to be advising on health and disease – slightly Jack of all trades and masters of none if you ask me.

If you want nutritional advice you have two options:

1.Go and see a state registered dietician. Sadly funding for this is not great and there may be a wait.
2.Go and see a Nutritionist or Nutritional Therapist. They should have at least three years study behind them and should be registered with the Nutrition Society and The British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapists. At the very least you are looking for a diploma (which is three years training) and anyone with a BSc or MSc should be well qualified in all aspects of health and disease.

It is no good marketing yourself as a Nutritionalist (thats just annoying now!), with a a couple of hours worth of lectures behind you and then being let loose. It is vital that anyone dealing with the public’s health has first class anatomy, physiology, an excellent knowledge in drugs, interactions all aspects of disease and just doesn’t follow the line of “give up gluten and you’ll feel much better”. Being a nutritionist or nutritional therapist is far more detailed, and scientific that you could ever imagine. Some of the GP’s I speak to are amazed at how scientific and technical it is (which is a good thing!)

So guys please chose carefully, don’t get lulled onto dubious looking allergy machines or anyone who has not really done the hard graft! Rant over!

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