It’s not all about nutrition.. its often about liberty

Although this article above is taken from the daily mail, do some research – google TSA stuff, watch the youtube clips. This is disgusting – I urge you all to quietly protest if it starts happening to you, your loved ones or people you see in front of you in the queue – get angry. Some of the stories coming out of the US this week are horrific and cannot be written about here. Let’s just say they are employing some pretty dodgy people to feel you up. Molesting young children, humiliating adults, putting them through allegedly high dose radiation – this is not done to keep us safe- ask to “opt out” those are the words you have to say to avoid the x ray scanners, then you will be subjected to a pat down – if you feel you are being “mishandled” – threaten to call the police, write letters to the airlines, say you wont fly – just please do not put up with this nonsense in the name of terrorism. For more details go to

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