Why we’ve got it all wrong

In response to the large numbers of people ringing me and asking me to respond to the Daily Mail article below (blog article dated 1st November 2010) here I go!!

The rise in obesity has in my opinion (and I cannot speak for anyone else) been caused by a number of factors but primarily the main two factors are:

1. The wrong dietary advice from ‘on high’ and
2. The rise in sugar and carbohydrates in our diet

Yes being sedentary and lazy has its place but fundamentally what we are putting into our bodies and what we are told is good for us going in our bodies is killing us. Anyone who says its simple just eat less and exercise more really doesn’t know what they are talking about – its really nothing to do with that at all. You can exercise all you like – if your diet is bad you will not lose weight.

Fat is not bad. Please stop thinking fat is bad and I agree with Zoe – to get everyone in the country to have a cholesterol level below 5 is just madness.

It is also a worry that the British Dietetic Association and the British Nutrition Foundation are either sponsored by food companies or have members on their boards from companies that just shouldn’t be there- these are meant to be unbiased organisations. If you are reading something in the newspapers or being told about something check out if this information could at all in anyway be biased. A new trial says coffee is good for you – do a little research – was it sponsored by a coffee company? I read ages ago that Vitamin C causes cancer – when I did my research the trial was run by a multi-national company – I wont say who!

It’s really really simple – go back to rationing – I know its a cliche and has been said before but the diets and lifestyles that work in the world and through the ages ie atkins and the japanese diet and post WWII have one thing in common they hardly have any sugar and little carbs. Look at my last newsletter about the Greek diet as an example as well.

In 15 years EVERY – yep thats EVERY food diary I have looked at NEVER had too much fat, NEVER has too much protein, but nearly always has too much SUGAR and CARBOHYDRATE. Many people I see go for days with no protein and wonder why they cant lose weight and can’t function. Carbs turn into sugar which as you all know by now effects your insulin levels. Stone age man did not live on sugary breakfast cereals, sandwiches and pasta with chocolate bars/energy bars mid morning and mid afternoon.

Furthermore, the Government’s “Food Plate” is weighed in favour of carbohydrate and needs to be changed. If the message is wrong at the top, its filters down to grass roots and just confuses everyone.

Listen to your own inner voice, why are my patients losing weight with a cooked breakfast high in protein? Surely that sugary cereal was more healthy? Why when artificial sweeteners and glucose fructose syrup are taken out of the diet do my patients suddenly realise how sugary foods really are?

As high levels of carbs in your diet can make you sleepy – you begin to wonder if we have a nation of un-focused tired people – more of that later on this month!

My rule of thumb – any food that is advertised in womens magazines and on TV – I wouldn’t buy – there are exceptions but please start to understand that the very things you are told are good for you are really really not.

If you’d like to discuss this with me further or let me take you shopping and show you what’s really in our food then call me on 01323 737814.

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