Supermarkets: What price cheap food.

Before I leave for my christmas break I hope many of you watched Panaroma’s “Supermarkets: What price cheap food?”. For those of you who didn’t please try to get to watch it. I have written about Nocton mega dairy before on this blog. Nothing in this programme was new to me however I still found it shocking and obscene and very upsetting. As consumers you have the power not the supermarkets and please do not forget that. Do you really want CAFO’s (feeding operations) to produce your food rather than farms -do you want to see cow factories, pig factories, vegetable and fruit factories? I hope not. To see cows indoors their entire lives is shocking. We would all spend a couple of pence more to see British dairy farmers kept in their jobs wouldnt we? If you can afford please do not forget your local butcher, greengrocer and baker. Keeping individual retailers alive is so important for the heart of our society and keeps a heartbeat going for communities. Are you happy to allow the Big 4 (tesco, sainsburys, asda, morrisons) to be the only place you can buy food in the future because trust me thats where we are headed.

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