Are you lactose intolerant?

This article in the DM highlights the enormous amount of people who are suffering after a stomach upset with bloating and gas that does not go away. It is paramount after a stomach bug, if you are left with symptoms months after, to get a lactose tolerance test done with your GP – often they will not offer it as it’s expensive. I’m lactose intolerant and its not just about cutting out milk and being a bit faddy and difficult at the meal table. It is the inability to breakdown milk sugar because you have no lactase. Lactose is in nearly everything including over the counter medication so its vital you get this ruled out. If your GP wont oblige, it can be done privately through me! You will also need proper diet advice and source other foods with calcium. Two in ten people I send for a test come back positive much to everyones surprise – it is far more common than you think.

If you want to discuss this topic, please call me on 01323 737814.

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