Customer service crimes

The amazing Mary Portas is back with a programme just up my street. I thought it was my age but glad to see the UK does indeed have the most appalling service and we do lie down and take it. Check her out on channel 4 at 9pm. Here are her top ten worst service crimes:

1. Keeping too few tills open – oh yes recognise that one.
2. Mute cashiers – mm yes I’d go with that as well.
3. Plugging inappropriate offers.
4. Assistants who dont know their stuff – mmm my personal favourite
5. Shoddy fitting rooms.
6. Too much stock on the shop floor – yes particularly in debenhams.
7. It’s a shop, not a social club.
8. Signage overload
9. The hard sell.
10. Annoying phrases in retail – Marys favourite “If its not on the floor, we haven’t got it”.

My other niggle is why because we are out of London do we get the dregs and leftovers – particularly in clothes shop – a recent shop comes to mind – Accessorize in covent garden is just amazing- in eastbourne its something completely different.. and not in a good way.

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