The colour of salmon

I hope you are all watching HFW’s Fish Fight on Channel 4, and below an article in yesterdays Guardian.

I’m struggling at the moment to buy non dyed salmon. Organic salmon is so expensive but the difference in colour is astonishing. I’m not happy eating a much loved and very tasty fish knowing its been dulux colour coded to whatever people think the colour is I want. I dont want colour – I want what the fish that came out of the water. Atlantic or wild salmon can be slightly different as the feed can produce a high pink colour on the skin. I think ALL salmon should be pale pink – why anyone would want to tamper with that I have no idea. It reminds me of the 1970’s when instead of putting strawberrys into yoghurts they would put strawberry flavour and a bit of red dye. Surely those days are behind us.

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