The sweet truth about our breakfast cereals

Continuing from my blog of 11th March (me wandering down the cereal aisles on your behalf!!!) I’ve come up with a list of our everyday cereals so you can get a feel of how lucrative the market is. Dominated by Kelloggs and Nestle take a look at the below:

Unless you have forgotten Kelloggs brands include: (and this is not all of them):cinnammon

All Bran, Branflakes, Sultana Bran, Cocopops, Cocopops choc n roll, Cocopops, mega munchies, Cocopops, moon and stars, Cocopops snack bar. Crunchy Nut cornflakes. Crunchy Nut Bites, Crunchy Nut clusters, Crunchy Nut honey and oats, Krave, Milk Chocolate Krave (doesnt the name worry you?), Optivita Berry Oat Crisp, Optivita Nut Oat crisp, Optivita raisin oat crisp, Honey Loops, Just Right, Ricicles, Start, Pop tarts, Rice Krispies, Rice Krispies multi shaped grains, Special K Bliss creamy berry crunch, Special K fruit and nut, Special K oats and honey, Special K Peach and apricot, Special K red berries, Special K strawberry and chocolate, Sustain, Frosted Wheats, Raisin Wheats.

So every morning we are pouring sugar and more sugar into our breakfast bowls and wonder why we are starving mid morning – but hey there are the snack bars to help you with this as well. How lucky are we?
I can’t be bothered to list Nestle’s products: here are two:

Nesquick “KIDS LOVE THE CHOCOLATE TASTE OF NESQUICK” – you bet they do with dried glucose syrup in the ingredients. Why not chop up a chocolate bar instead and pour milk over that as a healthy breakfast option.

Curiously Cinnammon “CAN YOU HANDLE THE INDESCRIBABLE TASTE” – well actually yes we can with glucose syrup in the ingredients.

We should not as nation be sitting down to sugar in the morning. Get out the eggs and beans please!

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