Whats in my cupboards?!!

I often get asked whats in my fridge and cupboards – so if anyone is interested as of today this is (honestly) what I’ve bought:

Fridge: Smoked salmon, organic feta cheese, watercress, spring onions, jar of black olives, dark chocolate, organic vine tomatoes, stir fry vegetables, alpro soya milk.

Cupboard: Tinned mackeral, tinned chick peas, tinned tomatoes, tinned baked beans, brown and white pasta, rissotto rice, red lentils, rice noodles, tinned organic split pea soup, brown rice.

Fruit and veg bowl:Organic apples, fairtrade bananas, apricots, red onions, marrow, potatoes, avocados, garlic, ginger root.

Freezer: Frozen cod, organic salmon, organic broccoli, peas, spinach, chicken stock, herbs, mango sorbet, free range chicken and chicken thighs.

And just in case you thought I was holier than thou – I have two bottles of white wine standing on the surface calling my name.

Do I practice what I preach? Of course I do!!! You’d be disappointed if I didnt!!

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