Do food intolerances really exist.

Todays article in the Daily Mail entitled Why intolerances to dairy food may all be in the mind(see link below) is not entirely helpful.

As someone who suffers from genuine lactose intolerance which took four years to be diagnosed, it can be very frustrating trying to find the cause of your symptoms. Lactose intolerance is the absence of lactase an enzyme that breaks down milk sugar – its found in nearly everything including prescription medication which is why its so hard to avoid. As the test is pricey GP’s can be reluctant to perform the test and usually ask patients to avoid dairy food. But its more complicated than that and the patient needs to be really well informed to stop them getting calcium deficiency.

As for food intolerance testing – as many of you know – I’m not a fan – they are hugely expensive and can be very inaccurate. I remember I had some done many years ago and came back positive to garlic, ginger and salmon, three things I eat all the time and give me no problems whatsoever. If you have gut symptoms I would start with looking at the state of the gut first. Food is unlikely to digest properly if you are lacking in good bacteria, have an overgrowth of yeast or a parasite infection. Once the gut is sorted out, then the diet can be varied. Certainly rule out coeliac disease and lactose intolerance first as these can be tested accurately.

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