Why is everyone over a certain age expected to be on medication?


The above article by James Le Fanu writing in the Telegraph expresses how a family doctor, a practice nurse and an optician were astonished by a man in his eighties who was not on any medication. It’s a shame we find this astonishing. Just because we age does not mean we need to be rattling with prescription drugs. I have seen too numerous to count, men and women in their 60’s 70’s and 80’s who have low blood pressure, no arthritis, low cholesterol etc. Just because we age does not mean everything goes to “seed”. Sadly often when one drug is prescribed, the side effects will then need another to combat and so on and so forth. ¬†For example statins can lead to muscle aches and pains, which in turn is dealt with by prescribing anti-inflammatories which in turn may cause gastritis which may mean you need PPI’s and so it goes. The way to prevent this domino effect? Try to prevent the disease in the first place. Not easy sometimes I know. But good genes, a positive attitude, and great nutrition may get you some way there!! I’d love to hear your stories of people you know who are over sixty and not taking any medication.

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