Time to go to work on an egg

As I’ve said before, in the 1960’s the government urged us to go to work on an egg. The slogan was used by the Egg Marketing Board and delivered by Tony Hancock and Patricia Hayes (see below for the link). How times have changed. The cereal aisle is where its at these days. But as I keep banging on to you – sugar is not the best ingredient first thing in the morning. Scientists have discovered that egg proteins help us stay awake and alert during the day and may also keep the body slim by making it easier to burn calories. The study at Cambridge University looked at brain cells called orexin-hypocretin neurons. Energy and keeping awake rely on signals transmitted by these cells. Interestingly orexin-hypocretin in reduced levels can result in narcolepsy where people fall asleep suddenly but more notably also put on weight. The team in Cambridge found that protein components found in egg white stimulate these neurons. This may explain why protein meals make people feel less calm and more alert than carb meals.

If you’d like to see the advert this is the link

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