Whats in my basket (again!)

tiddlers1As you may have seen there are a number of vintage youtube clips on my blog. They are favourites of mine and clearly you are loving them too – thanks so very much. One woman said “Your blog is not only educational but sometimes controverisal (but that makes me think) and very entertaining – to get all three of those elements is very clever!” Thank you lovely person for your comments. I’ve been asked again for another list of whats in my basket – I can’t believe that you are really that interested!!!¬†

So heres this weeks shop and I havent missed anything out!

One whole fresh mackeral

Amys tinned organic vegetable and barley soup

Organic garden peas

Tins of plummed tomatoes

Wholewheat spaghetti



Four chicken breasts

Lemons (loads)

Red onions

Organic carrots

Organic unsalted butter

Ginger root

Feta cheese

Organic tomatoes

Broccoli spears

Rye Bread

Fine oatcakes

Organic little gem

Organic apples


Large baking potatoes

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