My food diary challenge!

I ask all my patients before they see me to write a minimum of a five day food diary – sometimes this can be a long as a fortnight. This gives me a huge amount of information and also highlights to the food diary writer exactly what they are eating on a daily basis. More often than not people will have a good supper but fall short at breakfast and lunch and snacking. It’s rare for me to see a food diary that has for example high levels of protein. It is constantly the sugar and carbohydrate levels that slowly rise and often people are quite shocked at how much they eat. Which leads me to my food diary challenge. A friend of mine said he would donate £50 to the RNLI if I posted an honest food diary over a week. So without trying too hard this is an honest account of what I ate a couple of weeks ago:

Earl grey tea and soya milk – two organic apples and half a banana

Jacket potato/smoked salmon. Salad:cucumber, radishes, little gem lettuce, red onion, spring onion, half an avocado – olive oillemon juice dressing, black pepper and organic sea salt.

Mid pm: 2 oatcakes with some feta cheese

Supper: Stir fry chicken with broccoli ginger and spring onion and lettuce. Two glasses of rose and large slab of dark chocolate


Hummous on organic rye bread. Large glass of water with half a squeezed lemon

Mid am. Earl great tea with soya milk

Lunch: A sort of brown rice rissotto with peas and feta cheese – sounds tastier than it appears

Supper: Haddock and stir fry vegetables.


Smoked salmon on pita bread

Lunch: Two apples and two nectarines (on the run/meeting)

Mid pm: feta cheese on oatcakes

Supper: Homemade squash soup and large mackeral salad – two glasses of rose


Two nectarines and one apple – earl grey tea

Mid am: large water with lemon juice and another cup of earl grey tea with soya milk

Lunch: Tofu stir fry

Supper: Wholewheat spaghetti with flaked organic salmon and petit pois. Large slab of chocolate

Scrambled eggs on wholemeal pita – water with lemon juice

Lunch: Jacket potato/tuna and large raw salad as above

Mid pm: Two apples and a cup of earl grey tea

Supper: Steamed kale/chard and marrow and bowl of brown rice. Glass of rose.


One apple and large water with lemon juice

Mid am: hummous on rye toast

Lunch: Large raw salad with mackeral.

Supper: Fish and chips – three glasses of rose – Dark chocolate


Smoked salmon on pita bread. Large water with lemon

Mid am: Earl grey tea with soya milk

Lunch: Large raw salad

Supper: out. Salmon, saute potatoes and steamed vegetables. Glass of white wine.

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