Post Olympic thoughts….

Well that was quite a shindig wasn’t it?! Great reading some articles about how the vacuous Khardashians have no place in the future generation of women who have different role models now – let’s hope hey? Probably short lived but it gives us a reason to try hard, do our best, not want everything now, and know that really in order to succeed you have to work very hard (unless you’re a lottery winner!).

Getting back to health and fitness. It still amazes me how many people walk around with several ailments and symptoms and just “put it down to age” or “doesn’t everyone have that?”. Some people think its normal to have a headache once a week, feel tired all the time, ache a bit, feel a bit low all day, have PMT etc etc. Actually its not normal to have all these things. I call these people the vertically ill. They get up, function, go to work, come home, get up and go to work again but if they sat down long enough they would realise that actually they don’t feel very well. And that’s where a health MOT is a good idea. Starting with your GP is a good idea or a well woman/well man private health insurance package. If those tests are all ok then its time for a nutritional MOT: blood sugar balance, mineral and vitamin deficiency levels, diet analysis, balancing hormones, ruling out reasons for tiredness etc. Finding out what works for you can be a lifelong process – not everyone reacts the same which is why you need individual advice.

What saddens me is that there are a whole string of blood tests that are not tested for that may get you to your optimal fitness and health. Quite a few people I see are walking around with borderline hypothyroidism, borderline iron levels, low vitamin D levels, low B12 levels etc etc. That would never happen to an olympic athlete – they have the best nutrition advice around and make sure everything is at its optimum best!

If you feel like you need an MOT, then give me a call on 01323 737814. It’s a two hour session, with you bringing along a weeks food diary, copies of as many blood tests as you lay your hands on, all your medications and all your supplements. People find this very useful if all their GP tests have come back normal – then it’s time to dig a little deeper!

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