Intermittent fasting – Eat, Fast Live Longer continued

So keeping it in the Arnold family my father and stepmother finished their 5 weeks of 5:2 intermittent fasting. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few months, this is the new anti ageing diet that may hold back the years.  Outlined by Dr Michael Mosley in Eat, Fast Live Longer on BBC2 a few months ago, it sets out to see if by fasting we can reverse some of our ageing markers. On top of the personal success for Michael Mosley came weight loss. Two days later I was visiting my father and he had already got his 5:2 regime pencilled into his diary on the kitchen wall! During the week he ate normally, over the weekend he ate 600 calories only per day. The outcome is as follows: After a few pounds weight loss, and after 5 weeks my father has lost no weight. He’s not sure about his markers as he didn’t  get them checked beforehand. My stepmother has lost 5lbs in total which is great but its clearly not for everyone. Their view was that they missed the social part of sitting down to a meal and at the weekends a glass of wine. In next months newsletter I will be looking at all kinds of dieting in detail and this new intermittent fasting.

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