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  1. He who controls the seed, controls the food supply…..

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    It’s really hard sometimes being me…. because you see I’m very outspoken. I swim upstream rather than go with the flow and that can cause my life to be slightly less easy than it could be. But i’m out there speaking on behalf of the minority rather than the majority. As with everything “alternative” I am 100% behind strict regulations ie that no “quacks” get through the system and everyone is trained to a standard that benefits the general public. I have to be careful with the ASA (advertising standards authority) as to what I can say and what I cant and thats fine – its as it should be. With more controversial matters all I can do is say go and look and do your own research. One of the few things the internet is good for is research and googling.The Soil Association is also excellent for topics like this. Unless you didnt get the title, this little blog is about Monsanto. I’m saying nothing more, just make your own mind up.


    Here is the link to the above article – and also look at Food Inc, the movie

    What I will say is that as a nutritionist I have to look at labels now REALLY REALLY carefully. For example I picked up a pack of feta cheese the other day from the Co-op a supermarket that I am fully behind – the ingredients were sourced from GM ingredients. I didnt eat it – I then had to go to Waitrose and buy Authentic Greek feta cheese and an organic brand. If its organic it should be ok, but please do not just suppose that a product is ok – the ingredients change the whole time. Look for example at Ocean Spray Cranberry juice – due to so many consumers complaining they took glucose fructose syrup out of their juice and just used ordinary sugar instead. British women and their urethras can now relax (for you men out there – its used a lot for cystitis and the last ingredient we want at that time is a load of corn syrup in us).

    My point… check labels and keep checking labels. Dont get hung up on the front of the package with the fat and sugar percentages – LOOK AT THE BACK – what exactly are you eating – that goes to the heart of the matter.

    And here endeth my rant for today. xx

  2. Food labelling

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    Having just had a week off work I found myself meandering slowly round my local supermarket (I usually do a mad dash) and reading labels. I do this from time to time to see if anything has been easier for the consumer to understand. They are getting there slowly but to be honest I glazed over many products and thought if I didnt do the job I do I wouldnt have a clue whether this product was good for me.

    I will therefore let you into a secret I tell all my clients – if its got more than ten ingredients in it, put it back on the shelves. If you buy produce one ingredient at a time ie broccoli, or frozen peas – you know there is only one ingredient in it, its when you get to packaged food it starts to get complicated. If you are confused with low fat, low salt, free from, natural, good for you, fresh etc I would instead look at the amount of ingredients on the back of the packaging. The highest amount of an ingredient will be listed first and the least last. This should give you some idea of the quality of the food. If you are prone to allergies/food intolerances the number of ingredients are important.

    Take for example two popular packets of crisps.

    One brand contains: Potatoes, sunflower oil, salt.

    The other has: Potato starch, sunflower oil (30%), cheese flavour [whey powder (from milk), flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate, disodium 5′ -ribonucleotide), flavouring, milk powder, cheese powder, butter acids, soya protein, colour (paprika extract)], rice flour, soya flour, salt, yeast, onion powder (malt flour from barley), pepper, wheat flour, colour (annatto).

    I think you get my point!!! If you look at the above its quite obvious which bag of crisps is healthier and less allergenic. If the ingredients are kept simple then the product will be healthier.

    Give label reading a go based on the amount of the ingredients on the packaging and let me know how you get on.