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hospitalfood2hospitalfood3hopsitalfoodDo you remember that fantastic journalist last year who was holed up in hospital on traction who wrote a blog about the appalling hospital food? Well just reminding you that hospital food is still very poor and we need to support the Soil Association who are going to use all our donations to lobby for better food and if anyone can do it they can!

If you are visiting anyone in hospital,  may I give you some advice? Stop PLEASE with the grapes and the lucozade – why anyone would think that someone ill would need a lot of sugar and artifical sweeteners and dyes is beyond me. In the past I’ve been in hospital a lot and having lactose intolerance as well makes it impossible to even eat the macaroni cheese and ice cream (why do they serve that – I’m not 6 yrs old!). What you can do is to make some smoked salmon sandwiches on wholemeal bread, a little butter or marg,  some sprigs of watercress and a plain bio yogurt with some ground nuts – put it in a tupperware container with some bottled water. Here we have an easy to eat, easy to digest foods which can be snacked on through the day.

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