Waitrose vrs Sainsburys

KateVegMarketI had to do a big weekly shop over the weekend and I knew it was going to be costly as I had to get those extras like shampoo etc – in other words the cupboards were bare! I shopped at Waitrose. I love shopping there – there are friendly, polite and have an amazing variety of food, especially specialist breads. Sainsburys used to be like that but recently I’ve noticed that if I’m recommending a particular bread, Sainsburys never have it, Waitrose always do. Its not just that, its that the shop is smaller and easy to navigate. The bill came to £69.16. Not great. I looked at my trolley – there were a combination of organic produce and their essential range. So I came home and did a duplicate shop on line at Sainsburys to see if Waitrose really are expensive. The Sainsburys shop was £69.49 -33 pence more expensive. I have to say I was really shocked but felt quite smug. I’ve said all along that Waitrose is not nearly as dear as everyone thinks. What does make the difference I think is special offers and the one product that screamed out at me was organic apples – Sainsburys £2.20 and Waitrose £2.49 – quite a difference but despite that Waitrose still came out cheaper, and I come out of the shop always smiling and calm!

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