Frozen food – the new “black” !

pestoFrozen food is back in fashion and as a huge fan I couldn’t be happier. We tend to think of canned and frozen food as inferior to fresh, but often its not and in the age of speed we can’t always be expected to cook from fresh every night. None of the nutrients and flavour are lost so its a win, win situation!

In my freezer my staple frozens are: squash, peas (I get through bags of these – so useful for pretty much every dish from stews to pasta), stock, spinach, berries, herbs and mango sorbet. The squash is particularly good for a quick soup and saves with the chainsawing through fresh squash. Check out some of these ideas, all of which I’ve tried:

Waitrose frozen Yorkshire Batter mix with free range eggs (a bit lazy I admit but it does contain free range eggs!).
Pea and Asparagus Risotto – the rice separated well, just as it said.
Frozen puff pastry – great for making a quick tart.
Don’t forget rice – yes it can be frozen and its very useful.
Lastly frozen fish – so much cheaper than fresh and still great quality.

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