Dear Mr Ball…..

This has nothing to do with nutrition I know but every now and then I use my blog for a bit of a rant!! When I was growing up I loved Johnny “Think of a number” Ball. Those of you between 35 and 45 – I suspect you too remember him with fondness as an amazing teacher of numbers and science – but in a fun way. It was with sadness that I recently read that he had been booed and slow hand clapped off stage for daring to give an opinion on climate change. This opinion did not concur with what many people believe to be true – and he has now been labelled a climate denier.

After being ridiculed a well known stand up comedian weighed in with a lovely quote about feeling discombobulated over his hero’s obviously deluded mind. This stand up comedian who I have seen three times, also doesnt believe in nutritionists.

I felt so strongly about this that I wrote to Mr Ball to express my sympathy for how he was treated. It doesnt matter what you believe as this is a democratic country and there are many people who do not completely believe the full story or figures of climate change, and there are those that do. I don’t care what people choose to believe – what I do care about is that we are free to express our opinions without being ridiculed or labelled as deluded because we don’t believe what “the state” (ouch) tell us to believe. Rant over.

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