Go easy Nigella…

I was watching a bit of nigella’s christmas show last night. I have to say as lovely as she is I’m more of a jamie oliver fan and now I know why. As I watched the programme I became more and more queasy and eventually went a pale shade of green as I watched her cooking the following (ingredients may vary slightly!).

A sort of rocky road brownie: ingredients – loads of butter, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, maple syrup, marshmallows, ammerti biscuits and nuts (hello diabetes – this is seriously sweet). Then no break from the sugar-fest, straight on to chocolate biscuits covered in more sugar icing and coloured baubles.

Then she went on to cover beef with port and stilton gravy, followed by dried fruits in rum, chilli spiced vodka, and then at last she talked about a salad. I got very excited and thought ok a bit of green but no, it was the cold beef, covered in a spicey dressing and the green was… coriander. We then faded out to see her eating a steak and french fries in Paris, and bringing out one of her rocky roads to eat with her black coffee. Most of my patients and I have to say myself would be really ill if we ate like that.

This is clearly not the way to eat if you want to stay slim, and not get ill. I know Nigella’s selling point is being sexy but to be honest I was finding the whole thing bordering on… gluttony.

Although jamie has been caught short with the salt content in his pasta sauces his cooking programmes are a joy. Particularly his farm house programme, full of organic salads from the garden, loads of garlic and olive oil, and proper healthy food.

Just because you have a celebrity show, dont assume its healthy cooking. In fact today, the mail has covered this and given Nigella a 3.5/10 heart rating for her food and jamie and 8.5/10!!!

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