Say No to the ‘d’ word

It will soon be the time of year when people love to start afresh with new intentions and new beginnings – one of those is to diet. If you’d like to lose weight this year, take some time and thought and a little effort and try my weight loss programme. It’s not something that is done for a few weeks or for a few months, its done hopefully for the rest of your life. You will learn how to eat well for you. Often I take people shopping and re-teach them everything they thought was right but is in fact not right for them. The ‘D’ word is never used as its not about dieting but getting really healthy and understanding your body and your metabolism, and tailoring everything to you – getting your digestion right, getting your allergies sorted, sorting your thyroid out, listening to the issues you may have with food, stopping you shopping for fat free sugar free food that you believe to be healthy and getting you to fall in love with eating well again.

Please contact me for further details of my weight loss programme. It includes an initial consultation and 3 follow ups used when you like – this can include weigh in’s, food shopping, support by email or anything else that makes your life easier!.

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