Banning butter

I see in the papers today a suggestion to ban butter. I really think its time to leave poor old butter alone.  I was bought up to believe a scrape of butter was better for you than hydrogenated margarine. In fact in the 1970’s my father worked for a very large company that made a lot of margarine. On visiting the factories and getting inside no-how he always  used to joke to us that it was made of gorilla fat and not to touch it!

My grandmother and great grandmother always had butter in their diet and in their cooking. What they didnt have and what my family dont eat now is REFINED WHITE SUGAR.  We need to look at our overall insulin load with heart disease and not just cholesterol, but homocysteine as well. 

Heart disease has boomed since the increase in processed food and decrease in exercise. Also with this comes the increase in statin prescriptions. If you don’t want to take statins, do try changing your diet first but do get the right advice because you will be wasting your time otherwise. Many people try and lower their cholesterol by themselves and generally fail as you do need to know what you are doing – so many cut out fat and wonder why their cholesterol has stayed the same. The best cholesterol drop to date I have seen through diet change was in 2008 when a man came to see me terrified after some blood test results showed very high cholesterol,  triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol). He also had high blood pressure. He knew he was a walking time bomb and had an appointment with a cardiologist about six weeks after he saw me. He was also terrified of taking drugs. After our consultation I had no idea whether he could do what I suggested. It was a tough regime as he had only weeks to get his levels under control.  I wasnt convinced of a good enough outcome for the consultant not to put him on several drugs. Six weeks later he called me and said he had been so scared that he had followed what I suggested to the letter and done even more than I asked. His results were astonishing. All his blood tests came back in the normal range, except his LDL although it was lower and his blood pressure was also normal. (His cholesterol dropped from 10 to 4.8  – his triglycerides from 5 to 2, his blood pressure from 170/94 to 130/70, his homocysteine from 15 to 4, he raised his HDL from 1 to 3).  Not bad going – its amazing what fear will make someone do!

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