The purpose of me? ….

I got into a heavyweight discussion the other night with a great friend of mine and we got talking about our life’s purpose. Do we need one or do we already think we have one? After much deliberation my friend conceded that he didnt set out to gain a life purpose but as a life coach was thrilled with the direction his life was going. In guiding others towards their goal, he was reaching his without even thinking about it. Which led to my life purpose. Again, I never had one. I never dreamed when I left school I’d be doing the job I do today – but I guess thats where most of us lie in our life journey.

I continually strive towards a position of balance – hopefully a voice of common sense. Two quotes came to mind as we sat and discussed this further:


“Most men would rather die than think. And they do.” Bertram Russell


“Be open minded but not so open minded that your brains fall out” Groucho Marx


I aim to lie somewhere between the two! In trying to achieve balance in my life and in my job, I am always leaning towards the personalization of health and not the assembly line medicine approach. The very fact that everyone responds differently shows me what unique individuals we are. The general response with people is reflected in their desire to be thought of as an individual and not as a figure or a number swallowing a pill.

The purpose of me…. I hope is to set people on the path towards full health and listen to what these people have to say and of overall importance is to question…always!

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