The devils sugar is among us!

I’ve been banging on to my patients for years about the addictive quality of glucose fructose syrup. When you see this on any food product – avoid it like the plague. That is most likely to be the product you can’t put down and just have to finish. I remember in my teens being hooked on hobnobs and pringles, and had to finish the whole packet. It’s not greed, and its not that you are a sugar addict, its the sugar that is addictive. The other day I bought a sweet rye cake – ingredients, rye, honey, spices. The first ingredient was glucose fructose syrup and I was wondering why I had that need to finish the whole cake. The answer was there on the ingredients and I had missed it thinking it was sweetened with honey. I have tried it with other products on myself and the same reaction happens… interesting hey?!! I won’t even get started on the US and the tons of corn syrup they use to sweeten everything – no wonder obesity and diabetes is such a problem – its cheap, its addictive and it raises your insulin wonderfully. I’ve taken my blood sugar after eating a food with corn syrup- it shot up to 12mmol (normal blood sugar approx 4.0-6.5) and then plummeted to 3.6 mmol and I don’t have a blood sugar problem. And who takes responsibility for this? No one.

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