Watershed for raunchy videos

Nothing to do with nutrition… however I’m thrilled that at last someone has looked at the subject of the sexualisation of children in the UK. Maybe it’s my age but most of my girlfriends with children are horrified at the amount of sex young children are witnessing. To me popgroups like the Pussycat Dolls, dressed I might add like hookers should not be paraded around as the norm for a 6 yr old girl to aspire to. Add on top of that the videos of Lady GaGa, Rhianna, Jayzee etc etc and they are witnessing images they should not be seeing yet. These artists are fine for older children but having watched some of these videos, the lyrics and images are just sick. Lady GaGa dressing herself in pearls… we know what that really means… Let’s hope for strict government watersheds and controls as to what children watch. My only gripe with this is why was it not done sooner.

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