The Great Cholesterol Con

After a week seeing patients who are trying to avoid statins and bring their cholesterol down naturally, I am reminding you all to read “The Great Cholesterol Con”. This book has been about for several years and will give you a balanced view about what exactly is going on with the cholesterol “story”.

Did you know that when sticky arterial plaque has been examined, only about 20% of it is actual cholesterol, the other 80% is due to inflammation caused by high insulin and high homocysteine. Did you also know that cholesterol is there in the body to heal and often goes to sites of damage? Mmmm that’s made you think hasn’t it…

Further and further the optimum levels of cholesterol have come down. From 6, to 5, now under 4. Where next, 3, 2, no cholesterol? I had a male patient last year who’s cholesterol was 2.3 and he had to have a quadruple bypass. Something’s not quite right is it, and 6 million of us in the UK are taking statins every day.

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