Swine flu and volcanic ash

Here I go again being slightly controversial. I’ve been looking at some reader feedback to articles on swine flu and the volcanic ash scenario – all in the broadsheets I might add. It’s interesting what people think and write. Many are cynical about swine flu – it’s set to return this autumn and this has made people question whether a) it’s about getting rid of all the unused vaccines sitting going to waste, or b) is it being used as a method of population control (yes I did write that) or c) GSK and the government have our best interests at heart. There are people that think the vaccine has some seriously nasty stuff in it, which will slowly break down your immune system, and I’m not just talking about mercury. But as I said these are not my thoughts but the British general public. The H1N1 vaccination certainly divided us into those who took it without question and those who’d quite frankly prefer to tightrope walk across the Niagra falls with a small pony on their back.

The volcanic ash situation is similar, so called “experts” are divided as to whether all these flights actually needed to be cancelled or was it used as another way to assess Britain’s security when no one could come in and out of the UK for a while. Again these are not my personal thoughts, just thought you folk out there who read my blog would like to know how some of the population are exercising their freedom of speech!

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