Was Susan Boyle ready for fame?

I read this morning of another alleged incident regarding Susan Boyle – this time she was having a shrieking fit in a plane and had to be sedated. It seems clear to me that to take a 48 yr old virgin who has seen no life and put her into this kind of pressure without adequate support is negligent. She obviously has some sort of learning difficulty or behaviour disorder that is just going to get worse if things don’t change. She was in the Priory I believe soon after the Britain’s Got Talent finals with stress and on stage was certainly coming across as someone who was not mentally well. The price of fame is high and I wonder how happy she really is with all this money and fame, travelling the world. I feel terribly sorry for her and hope very much that she is not being manipulated by the greed machine that is Simon Cowell Enterprises. Instant fame is like fast food, it feels good for a bit then makes you feel sick and ill soon after, regretting that you ate it – let’s hope Susan is getting something out of this for herself.

The success of artists that last come from giving themselves time to get albumns together and pacing themselves, not being put through a machine like a processed sausage.

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